Harvan's Bone Ring Harvan's Bone Ring
Rank: ✮✮ Type: Ring
Countless souls are trapped inside this dark, glimmering ring. They tumble and scream all the time and there is no way to escape. This ring belongs to the Necromancer called Harvan. He is obsessed with manufacturing necromancy items. In order to collect experimental materials faster, he forged the ring which is a Soul Gem engraved with malicious charms. The ring is able to attract and confine those wandering souls and force them to work for Harvan. Meanwhile, the ring can bring a cover and protect its wearer from the Undead. The protection is nearly perfect.
Inflicts 90%/180%/270%/360%/450%/540%/630%/720%/810%/990% extra damage when you attack Undead

When attacked by Undead, decrease extra damage by 9%/18%/27%/36%/45%/54%/63%/72%/81%/90%

Source(s): Found in Sky Maze Harvan's Lab. Upgraded with skulls.
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