This Maze is active only after Energy Halls #1, #2 & #3 have been fully repaired.

Quote: - This is the Hall of Overseeing of the World Hall Eden. Due to its long history, it has been dilapidated. Now, it is full of ghosts and mechanical creatures that are out of control.


Overseeing Hall (30F) - 3 Vigor
Like the other Eden Mazes, this location has a unique stage that, once completed, can no longer be accessed.


On the last floor, receive all the following items to auto-complete trials:


Researcher's Soul (Undead)Edit

  • Curse - Activates when countering, reduces attack for 3 rounds
  • Void - Chance to be immune to all damage
  • Drops - Dust of Soul (randomly enhance one attribute)

RX-Enhanced Attacker (Machine)Edit

  • Burst Missile - Attack for 2x damage every 2 rounds, adds Burning effect for 3 rounds
  • Alloy Armor - +30% Spell Resistance, +30% Physical Resistance
  • Drops - 2 Smart Chips

Smart Defender (Machine) - every 5 floorsEdit

  • Energy Cannon - Launch attack every 3 rounds that deals double damage to the enemy
  • Reflectivity Shield - Reflect 30% of damage taken back to the attacker.
  • Destruction Program - Self-explosion upon death, dealing triple damage to the enemy
  • Drops - Ancient Element

Smart Hub (Machine) - Last FloorEdit

Unlike previous Eden Mazes, this maze does not have a final boss. Instead, corpses surround a table in a meeting hall. Search the corpses for rewards.

Parts ShopEdit


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Researcher's Remains

50 Smart Chips

Ocasionally drops equipment as well such as:  voodoo cloak,boots of truth,Belt of Courage

Broken Researcher's Soul

Complete Researcher's Soul

Smith's Corpse Sunglasses - Detect enemy's initial location on each floor +1, Inflicts 10% extra damage when you attack Mechanical Creature

Angel Genes - After leaving the maze, Angel Clone can be cultivated
Disrupting Ray
Random 3* equipment

Smith's Memory Fragment - Gumball's Attack +3, When sustaining an attack, 5% chance of immunity to all damage

30F CorpsesEdit

From top to bottom, left to right.

Corpse Description Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Male Remains This male remains is wearing a pharmacist outfit.  He also held in his hand a worn out notebook. Great Pharmacist's Manuscript

Complete Traveler's Soul

Female Remains This female remains has been lying here for a long time, but one can tell from the clothings that she is extravagant and fashion savvy Julia's Platinum Package

Broken Traveler's Soul

Complete Traveler's Soul

Female Remains This female remains has on gorgeous and elegant clothings.  Presumably, she is of royal descent before she passed. Star of Erathia

Broken Traveler's Soul

Complete Traveler's Soul

Male Remains This male remains is wearing a heavy armor covered with scratches.  Presumably, he must have been very valiant when alive. Declaration of Holy War

Broken Traveler's Soul

Complete Traveler's Soul

Male Remains This male remains looks slightly fat.  His clothes and body mass gives people a feeling of wealthiness. Business Alliance Gold Card Broken Traveler's Soul
Alien Race's Remains This alien remains seems to have came from other planes.  There is also a weird suitcase in his hand. Extraterrestrial's Suitcase Broken Traveler's Soul
Monkey's Remains This monkey's remains has no reason to be here.  It must have enter the wrong place! Turing Codex Complete Beast's Soul
Broken Robot There are some parts scattered around this broken robot.  Its sophistication goes beyond your knowledge. Azuride Program None
Male Remains This male remains looks old.  Next to him, there is a dusty crystal ball. High Priest's Crystal Ball Broken Traveler's Soul
Demon's Remains This demon's remains exudes an evil aura.  When you gaze at it, it makes you feel a stong sense of pressure. Ede's Bone of Abyss Complete Demon's Soul

Metal StormEdit

Rather than using the firearm and associated manual from previous Eden Mazes, the Hall of Overseeing maze uses Metal Storm, the major feature of Eden's Land, which requires Smart Chips to upgrade an active skill "cannon" and unique title tracks.


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