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Recent Events

<V4.10.1> 16 Oct 2020
Release the Themed Event season 2.
a: Race Maze: Clear Chaos Abyss to unlock. (Race Maze doesn't consume Vigor, and will not yield resource)
b: Adventure License: adventurers can level up adventure license and obtain rewards by completing specific tasks
Add Refinement Package: can be claimed in Luxury Gift Package.
Add some new pairs in Chain of Fate.
Artifact refinement level will be counted for the Artifacts Overall Score.
Optimize the halo effect for Universal Falcon, Night Wing, and Void Stingray.
<V4.9.9> 30 Sep 2020
Add Gumballs in Mercenary Camp: Bai Ze, Pixiu, Qilin and Xiezhi.
Unlock trials: Tattooist, Lord of Ender, Puggi, and Angelia.
Unlock ceremonies in Shrine of Snowy Mountain: Anesthetist, Stone Spirit, Bai Ze, and Pixiu.
Start of Event: Dungeon Orienteering Event - National Celebration
<V4.9.5> 11 Sep 2020
Unlock Time Field S01
<V4.8.1> 06 Aug 2020
Unlock the maze District 91. Purchase this maze in Shop to unlock. Clear it to rescue Smilodon Gumball.
Add Gumballs in Mercenary Camp: Firelord, Ravenspeaker, Anesthetist, and Stone Spirit.
Adjust Sword in the Stone under World Tree: increase Attack for all melee Gumballs by 1.
<V4.7.2> 24 July 2020
Unlock trials: Paladin, Great Guardian, Onmyouji, and Courier.
<V4.6.1> 25 June 2020
Unlock Order Field M13
When the fragments of Hamster, Bunny, and Ninja Frog are enough to build the corresponding statue, their trial props may appear in time-limited events.
<V4.5.6> 11 June 2020
Release Gumball fragments in Mercenary Camp: Tesla Trooper, Light Follower, Shadow Dancer, Ice Crystal

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