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Recent Events

(V3.1.6) Update 22 Apr 2019

(V3.1.6) Update 22 Apr 2019

New Function
Unlock Order Field M06.
Unlock event 'Cosmos Burning'. Holy Warrior’s Fragments and Pegasus's Saint Dress can be obtained in this event.
Unlock Alliance Blacklist function. Players in the Alliance Blacklist cannot apply to join this Alliance.
Unlock Raid Licence function. Special item 'Regression Sandglass' will be available in the Circus Big Package, which can be used to reset maze raid counts.
Descriptions of some technical items have been optimized.
Notice of device association has been optimized.
Detected bugs have been fixed.

(V3.1.1) Update 19 Mar 2019

New Function
Release the function of automatic use of rune stones
Release the new cosmic merchant ship function (Game Time: 00:00 Friday - 24:00 Sunday)
The outer space expansion page of the alliance store is closed
The Olympus Wonder attributes are adjusted
The upper limit of wonder score is adjusted
The accumulated Eden accelerator rewards obtained through Magic Lizard raiding is promoted
The Magic Lamp is adjusted to be non-meltable in the Chaos Abyss
The EMP Energy Cannon is adjusted to be valid in the battle of Space Rift
The possessed limit of the accelerator is increased
The known bugs are fixed

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