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Recent Events

V4.12.6> 17 Dec 2020
Add Gumballs in Mercenary Camp: Spore, Gardener, Horus, and Mechanism Master.
<V4.12.1> 03 Dec 2020
Unlock the maze Wonderland of Nature. Can be purchased in the Shop. Clear this maze to rescue Talisman Taoist Gumball.
Release the 4th anniversary event.
Add Gumballs in Mercenary Camp: Judgment, Maid, Soul Dancer, and Fenrir.
<V4.11.1> 12 Nov 2020
Unlock trials: Xiezhi, Feathered Serpent, Qilin, and Ice Crystal.
Release ceremonies in Shrine of Snowy Mountain: Treasure Hunter, Revenge Archer, Eternal Titan, and Priestess. 
<V4.10.5> 30 Oct 2020
Unlock Order Field M14 and M15.
"Trick or Treat" orienteering Event
<V4.10.1> 16 Oct 2020
Release the Themed Event season 2.
a: Challenge Maze: Clear Chaos Abyss to unlock. (Challenge Maze doesn't consume Vigor, and will not yield resource)
b: Adventure License: adventurers can level up adventure license and obtain rewards by completing specific tasks
Add Refinement Package: can be claimed in Luxury Gift Package.
Add some new pairs in Chain of Fate.
Artifact refinement level will be counted for the Artifacts Overall Score.
Optimize the halo effect for Universal Falcon, Night Wing, and Void Stingray.