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Recent Events

(V3.5.8) Update 7 November 2019
Unlock Special Information. Exchange to claim investigation mission. Bountiful rewards will be available after investigating the specified place.
Unlock trials: Bomberman, Referee, Clown, and Plague Doctor.
Unlock Shrine of Snowy Mountain ceremonies: Tripitaka, Snowman, Philanthropist, and Psychic.
Unlock Chaos Field revenge function: players can revenge directly or ask for alliance help after being attacked.
(V3.5.5) Update 22 Oct 2019
Unlock the Intelligence system: Information pieces will be available when exploring, mining, colonizing, and expropriating in Order Field. Can exchange Information when the Eco Planet exploration degree reaches 100% and have 300 Information pieces available (Special Information will not be released).
Add Gumball fragments to Mercenary Camp: Priestess, Courier, Magical Painter, and Onmyouji.
(V3.5.1) Update 10 Oct 2019
Chaos event
10 brand new airships: players reached level 1,200 and above in sky exploration can obtain the new airship chips.
(V3.4.26) Update 05 Sep 2019
Unlock Gumballs‘ trials: Guardian, Bull Demon King, Dimension Walker, DJ
Linkage event: Signal Station: No.1 will be released in September
M09 will be unlocked in September   

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