Gumballs are divided into four different Factions.

Faction Characteristic
Aoluwei's Blade Aoluwei's Blade (AB)   AB focuses on a strong defense
Canas' Enlightenment Canas' Enlightenment (CE)    CE improves luck
Ranger's Song Ranger's Song (RS)   RS improves speed
Abyss' Roar Abyss' Roar (AR)   AR focuses on strength and damage    

Access the full list of your collected Gumballs at the World Tree. The Album displays the Gumballs you have in each Faction. Gumballs classified by talents are here.

Getting stronger Edit

As you collect, and feed your gumballs, they will provide bonus effects to help each other as the following. :

  • +Attack or +HP to all gumballs in the same faction
  • -x% EP cost when upgrading a title
  • When any gumball casts a certain spell, gain an extra effect
  • +Energy in Sky Exploration
  • Gumball Babies which you may see at the base of the World Tree will add to your power.
  • Equipping a Fashion also improves Energy in Sky by 250
  • Each gumball star level, and weapon/certificate equipped also increases sky energy
  • Gumball Food will provide additional bonusses and stronger skills to your individual gumballs as well as +EP to spend in the maze when they are soul linked. Feeding your gumball also increases sky and space energy

Weapon and Certificate Costs Edit

Level  Gumball Fragments Weapon Cost Certificate Cost
1 20 500 500
2 30 5,000 5,000
3 60 30,000 30,000
4 120 100,000 100,000
5 180 250,000 250,000
Total 410 771,000

Gumballs in the Maze Edit

Gumballs are upgraded using Ingredients to produce Food so you can feed it, equipping a weapon, and completing a Certificate, to upgrade them up to 5 stars.

When gumballs reached 5 stars, have a weapon, and completed the Certificate, the gumball may perform a Trial at the Fane Expansion. When the gumball is successful with the Trial, a Statue can be built. This will further improve their passive power, and provide bonus stats in Sky Exploration and Space.

Titles will also help each gumball grow stronger as they explore the Maze. However, keep in mind the titles reset each time you restart the maze.

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