Each food upgrade requires you to create using food items from the mazes.

Each weapon upgrade requires alchemy furnace items.

You can combine lower rank ingredients with some coins to create higher rank ingredients. Modificator reduces the cost in coins.

Ingredient Made With Best Maze Location
Rank 1-2 Item 1 Item 2 Coins
Cream Berry 300 Adventurer's Forest
Vanilla Flour 300 Adventurer's Forest
Magic Bean Pod 300 Adventurer's Forest
Lizard's Spawn 300 Adventurer's Forest
Rank 2-3 (2x) (2x) Coins
Fairy Spring Magic Bean Pod Cream Berry 400 Hero's Village

Spacecraft Ruins

Star Mint Magic Bean Pod Vanilla Flour 400 Lost Temple
Fantasy Fruit Lizard's Spawn Cream Berry 400 Ancient Arena
Blue Crystal Gel Vanilla Flour Lizard's Spawn 400 Borderland
Rank 3-4 (2x) (2x) Coins
Evil Pumpkin Fairy Spring Fantasy Fruit 1000 Forest of Whispers

City of Steam BOSS

Tower Flower Fairy Spring Blue Crystal Gel 1000 Skeleton Island
Elf's Dust Star Mint Fantasy Fruit 1000 Pirate's Port
Crystal Egg Star Mint Blue Crystal Gel 1000 Saint's Tower

City of Steam

Rank 4 (2x) (2x) Coins
Holy Blood Evil Pumpkin Elf's Dust 10000 Ancient Arena BOSS
Rainbow Shell Crystal Egg Tower Flower 10000 Pirate's Port BOSS

Skeleton Island BOSS

Bone of Moonlight Evil Pumpkin Tower Flower 10000 Borderland BOSS
Star Scrap Crystal Egg Elf's Dust 10000 Hero's Village BOSS

Saint's Tower BOSS
Spacecraft Ruins BOSS

Dragon's Rib Evil Pumpkin Crystal Egg 10000 Lost Temple BOSS
Heart of Ancient Tree Elf's Dust Tower Flower 10000 Adventurer's Forest BOSS

Forest of Whispers BOSS

The total cost of crafting food from scratch is:

Rank 1-2: 300 coins each

Rank 2-3: (300 x 2) + (300 x 2) + 400 = 1,600 coins each

Rank 3-4: (1,600 x 2) + (1,600 x 2) + 1,000 = 7,400 coins each

Rank 4: (7,400 x 2) + (7,400 x 2) + 10,000 = 39,600 coins each

Purchasing food items for gold from the shopkeeper offers significant savings compared to crafting those foods.

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