Gumball Fighter Gumball Fighter
Type: Summons
This simple and honest looking Gumball stares dully into the distance. It's obviously feeling a little confused about the future. When you call it, it turns and gave you a silly smile, then something changed, and the bewilderment in its eyes turns into fever.
Use: Summon Gumball Fighter (Valid in a maze).

Enhance Gumball Fighter's fighting capacity based on Athena Gumball's skill:
"Victory Armor Lv. 1" Inherits 50% of HP from Athena Gumball
"Victory Armor Lv. 2" Inherits 50% of Attack from Athena Gumball
"Victory Armor Lv. 3" Learns Copper Armor
(Copper Armor : Decrease the damage suffered by 20%)
"Victory Armor Lv. 4" Learns Silver Armor
(Silver Armor : +10 Attack, Damage suffered -25%)
"Victory Armor Lv. 5" Learns Golden Armor
(Golden Armor : +15 Attack, Damage suffered -30%, 10% chance of continuous attack (casts Meteor Shower))

Source(s): Main source:
  • Use Athena gumball to recruit gumball villagers produced by Athena or Adventurer

Other sources:

In-maze appearance

Gumball Fighter Summoned

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