Oriental Romance II Baby Gumball's Baby (Masamune,Geisha)
Host Type: Baby Parasite Class: Melee Melee Title
This young life is the crystallization of Gumballs' love. Although it was just born, it already has some special talents. Its parents are Masamune and Geisha!
Increases 5% recovery rate when Gumballs pick up life bottle in maze
Parasite Skill: Carries 1/2/3/4/5 Father's Fake Eyes initially when entering the maze
Source: Fate Pillar : Oriental Romance II
Resides at the bottom of the World Tree. Parasite gumballs can select it as host via a button in their skill description page. See also Gumball Babies.

Father's Fake EyesEdit

The following is a list of possible eyes that can be generated:



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