Guide to White Mage Guide to White Mage
Type: Consumable
On the title page of this ancient magical book, it says, "The power of a White Mage does not lie in thye use of magic power, but in how to use the long sword in their hand!" Thousands of years ago, Balrog, who was suppressed in the Land of Destruction, broke the seal and returned to the world of man. Wherever he was, everything turned into ashes. At this time, a Mage in Grey Robe with a long sword in hand stood up and fought Balrog. Their battle lasted seven days and seven nights, from the bottom of the abyss to the Desert of Death, then from the Desert of Death to the Dense Fog Mountain... Finally, Balrog was eliminated, but the Mage also died of excessive consumption. His soul did not enter heaven, but was endowed with even more powerful strength by the Plane God, and sent back to its body to be resurrected, his robe also turned from grey to white. Years later, a magic apprentice who had endured much hardship to find him, asked for his legacy to become a White Mage. The old mage left silently after leaving behind this book of <Guide to White Mage>...
First time ever: Obtain Mage's fashion "White Mage Dress"

Subsequent times:
Use: Attack +5
When attacking, 10% chance of dealing double damage

Source(s): Playing Mage as main when you have his statue.
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