Art of a Bite Growing Manual
Type: Misc
This handbook records your growth. Though useless, it is meaningful to you! (Record the enhancement of ability with each evolution.
Random Evolution Bonuses, with a chance to be "Lucky", which normally causes two effects (may cause two copies of the same effect):
  • Attack+6/7/8, Power+6/7/8
  • HP+60/70/80, MP+60/70/80
  • Defense+2/3/4
  • Dodge +3/4/5%, Max Dodge +2%
  • Increase the effect of all spells by 5/6/7/8%
  • EP +2000 (1x/run)
  • When attacking, 15% chance to deal double damage (1x/run)
  • Rounds of All Magic +1 (1x/run)
Source(s): Carried into dungeon with Semi-Finished Product as main or soul-linked gumball


  • This object is granted by the exclusive skill of Semi-Finished Product.
  • You need 100EXP for the first evolution, 200EXP for the second (that is 300 total), etc...
  • For each kill, you gain as many EXP for evolution as the level of the exclusive skill of Semi-Finished Product
  • As usual, you need to be credited with the kill to earn the points so kills by allies like the Ghost Ship in Skeleton Island do not advance the counter. Nor do kills from damage over time effects like Burn or Wound. Kills by player activated Traps like the Hunter's Trap in Adventurer's Forest should count.

The three unique effects always appear in the same order:

  1. EP +2000
  2. When attacking, 15% chance to deal double damage
  3. Rounds of All Magic +1
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