Grils' Tract Stone Grils' Tract Stone
Type: Consumable
These pale intestinal stones comes from a very famous demon mage, Bear Grylls. Different from other demons, he became famous because he dared to eat everything he saw, including: lizard poison gland, Ogre's bladder, the head of lich, prime ore, rusty armor...What's more, he also swallowed magic. At last, when Bear Grylls made a bet with the human beings and ate the eye balls of Medusa, he died. Surprisingly, he died of constipation instead of poisoning, decause his rectum was too petrified to defecate.
Use: Lose 50 HP and get poisoned after use.

Defense +1
Reduce poison damage by 5%
Reduce curse effect+5%

Source(s): Found in Bloody Fortress
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