For the Gun Dealer version of this item, see Grenade Launcher MM1 (Gun Dealer).

Grenade Launcher MM1 Grenade Launcher MM1
Type: Throwable
This portable grenade launcher features a simple but solid structure as well as reduced recoil, suitable for a variety of tactical environments. In case of emergency, it can serve as a convenient and efficient source of supporting fire for helicopter pilots and tank drivers.
Use: Cause 100 damage to enemy (starts with 5/12 bullets)
Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Blasting Science Knowledge (Cumulative Charge) provides: 100% chance to deal double damages
Source(s): Found in City of Steam

Spacecraft Ruins using code 715
Time Machine (Terminator) special level
Possible Round Table Conference reward
Avalon Fortress with God of Thieves

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