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Great Statue Diverging Cavern

Look carefully at the image to determine which statue it is. They all have the same message.

Note: these are the deity statues found in the Bloody Fortress maze.

The statue on the Floating Island looks like a god from the Chaos Abyss. As you get near, you're sure to feel its gaze. Now a voice says, "…Adventurer, why are you here in my domain…"

Statue Picture Choices
Wealth Knowledge World
Demigod Lich Statue

(Fliamir, Blue demonic looking guy)

Demigod Lich Statue.png
Works sometimes (Fliamir's Will and 2000 relics) Works sometimes

(Fliamir's Eye, 2000 Relics, and The Chosen People of Fliamir title - When the battle is won, 1%/2%/3% chance of receiving relics fragments x1000)

Works sometimes

(Fliamir's Curse and 2000 relics)

Eye Tyrant Statue

(Heraclius, Beholder, Lv.301+)

100000 Coins /

10000 Relics /
Gem (limited to 3 times)

Nothing Nothing
Hectoria Statue

(Hectoria, Firey orange, Lv.301+)

Fire of Wisdom Statue.png
Nothing Hectoria's Legacy runestone and Chosen People of Hectoria title Star Contract
Knight of Ninth Statue

(Heinhardt, Grey man, Lv.301+)

Knight of Ninth Statue.png
Nothing Yes

(Isaac's Manuscript runestone)


(Heinhardt's Gun runestone and Chosen People of Heinhardt title

Night Lady Statue

(Virginia, Purple woman, Lv.301+)

Night Lady Statue.png
2 of each Rank4 Airship Materials or 5 of each Rank3 or a Golden Pot (limited to 3 times) Nothing Yes

(Virginia's Smile runestone)

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