Great Detective Great Detective Gold Statue
Trial requirement Great Detective evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 Great DetectivePearl
1 Golden Pot
5 Adventure Relics

Pearl Cost

10x Great Detective Pearl
1x Priestess Pearl

Statue Cost

80x Crystal
2x Oceanus (Lv. 210)
3x Koios (Lv. 270)
3x Hyperion (Lv. 490)

Statue Bonus Talent Level+1, Attack +3, Power +3

In Sky and Space, Armor +5
Lower Clone Capacity +6

Method 1:Edit

  1. Search Bookcase for scrolls
  2. Titles - 1x Treasure Seeker, 1x Explorationist, 2x Blacksmith
  3. Answer the questions as follows:
  • A (Anna is the liar)
  • B (Anna killed Bella)
  • The total of the numbers is 3

You will now get to fight Great Detective with its lowest stats.

  1. Cast Bless
  2. Attack boss (so he's on 1 turn before big hit)
  3. Cast Curse on boss
  4. Attack boss x 3
  5. Cast Ice Shield
  6. Cast Bless
  7. Attack boss x2 (should be on 1 turn again)
  8. Cast Curse on boss
  9. Attack boss x 3
  10. Cast Holy Bolt on boss x 3
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