Golden Body Arhat Golden Body Arhat
Rank:Element: Earth
MP: 7 Type: Aid
Effect Increases Attack, absorbs points of damage, and decreases damage suffered for 4 rounds


Source Effect
Magic Golem Add chance to negate all damage (passive)
Earth Master Earth effect bonus
Legendary Mage Aid effect bonus
Knight's Suit Transcribe
Granite Gloves Effect bonus +25%
Earth Mastery Suit Earth effect bonus +25%
Skull Necklace Transcribe


Damage Reduction : Presumed to be the same as Stoneskin

Damage absorbed =~ (2+ 75% * Power) * (1+E)

Attack Increase =~ (2+ 75% * Power) * (1+E)

Duration = 4 turns (1 more than for Stoneskin)


Converted from Stoneskin scrolls by Sandy

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