Gold Arrow Gold Arrow
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Treasure
This arrow of pure gold is an item of the mischievous Cupid Gumball, it is a symbol of eternal love. Rumor has it that anyone shot by the arrow will fall in love with the first person that they see. Not even the gods could resist this power.

Increase the effect of all Light spells by 10% Power of Cupid +2 every time you enter the next floor (Based on Cupid Gumball's skill, add extra effect)

  • "Cupid ArrowLv.1"Power of Cupid +3
  • "Cupid ArrowLv.2"Recover MP +5
  • "Cupid ArrowLv.3"Power of Cupid +3
  • "Cupid ArrowLv.4"Recover MP +5
  • "Cupid ArrowLv.5"Power of Cupid +3
Source(s): Carried by Cupid

Also dropped by Cupid ally in Hell Frontier

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