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Gods' Chessboard
Gods' Chessboard
Type Maze
Source/Unlock Purchase from the Alliance Shop for 10000 Alliance Coins
Normal reward White Chess Bishop & Checkers gumball
Raid boost Lifeguard
Raid reward Mysterious Statue +5

Complete this maze to get the White Chess Bishop gumball, if not previously acquired in Bishop's Plot event. If you already have White Chess Bishop, you will get TEN fragments upon completing the storyline mazes.

Hidden Gumball

  1. Submit a book to the statue at Floor 1
  2. Upgrade the statue until you reach lv20 skills
  3. Reset a lv20 skill (1 or more times, rng) using amber chess pieces until you get “Treasure of the King” skill
  4. Upgrade Treasure of the King to lv20 to receive a special item Strange Ivory
  5. Give that item to Checkers to recruit him, Checkers can be found in normal floors (even floor 1)


Evil God's Deception Floors 30 (Difficulty 31, no Boss) - 2 Vigor

Chess War Floors 35 (Difficulty 32, no Boss) - 2 Vigor

Attack and Defense! Casting! Floors 35 (Difficulty 33, no boss) - 2 Vigor

Versus! Projection of God Floors 40 (Difficulty 34, include boss on floor 40) - 2 Vigor

Endless Mode 3 Vigor


You start the maze with 2 books, you can :

  • "Sacrifice" a book to the Evil God Statue on Floor one
  • or team with the Bishop on Floor 2

This gives two rather different experiences of the maze and you'll need to try both to achieve 80dp.

Counter-intuitively, by sacrificing a book, you actually get to keep and use it. Whereas the book(s) you do not sacrifice are useless and lost for this run. In this maze, you'll loot chess pieces that you can :

  • use to invoke floor-only allies
  • cast into a Casting Furnace to get pieces of equipment, contracts, amber pieces.
  • Integrate into your book (the one you "sacrificed" on floor 1) to increase an ability and learn new ones.
  • Use to reset an ability in your book so that it get replaced by a different random ability. (This also helps you learn more abilities)

When you start a run on this maze, the abilities in your books will be the same ones that you had when leaving the maze the last time. You'll however quite obviously have to unlock the abilities again and upgrade them but you won't need many resets anymore once you have a book with abilities you like.


Enemy Skill Stealing List (use Bandit, Kaito, or Bloody Wolf or Future Cat )
Common item Rare item
The Tower
The Tower
Shooting: Launch an attack every 2 rounds, and add Pierce effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

Cover: Helps companions of other types resist 50% of damage

Rank 1-2 Dark spell Spell Forbidden Crystal Ball
Death Blessing: Enhances all companions' Attack upon death

Protection Halo: When present, all companions suffered 50% less damage

Rank 1-2 Earth spell Rank 3 spell
Lifeguard (Enemy)
Valor: Enhances attack by 2 each round.

Revenge Halo: When present, all companions' attacks inflict Leech effect

50 EP Cross
Bishop (enemy)
Healing Light: Casts once every 3 rounds to help all companions recover HP.

Prayer Halo: When present, all companions becomes immune to abnormal status.

50 EP Holy Cup
Knight (enemy)
Charge: Chance to counterattack for 200% damage.

Battle Halo: When present, all companions dodge is enhanced.

Rank 1-2 Fire spell Quenching Essence
Evil God Projection monster_image See boss section 2 Death Ripples Implosion
God's Projection monster_image See boss section

3 random chess pieces

Amber Statue

Boss (Evil God Projection - Elemental Type)

Evil God Projection
Attack HP Physical & Spell
30F 34 547 10% / 10%
40F 57 1086 10% / 10%
50F 94 2099 10% / 10%
60F 159 3937 20% / 20%
70F 249 7273 20% / 20%
80F 420 13216
90F ? ?
100F ? ?


  • Death Gaze - Launch an attack every 3 rounds, dealing triple damage to the enemy and adding the Death Gaze effect (Decreases Attack, loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)
  • Evil God's Realm - When HP is lower than 50%, immune to all abonormal status
  • God's Body - Physical Resistance +20%, Spell Resistance +30%
  • Notes: Appears on runs where you skip the book activation at floor #1

Boss (God's Projection - Elemental Type)

God's Projection
Attack HP Physical & Spell
30F 34 547 10% / 10%
40F 57 1086 10% / 10%
50F 94 2099 10% / 10%
60F 159 3937 20% / 20%
70F 249 7273 20% / 20%
80F 420 13216 20% / 20%
90F 753 23797 30% / 30%
100F 1271 40283 30% / 30%
110F 2044 64862 30% / 30%
120F 3154 106164 30% / 30%


  • God's Hand - Attacks once every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to enemies
  • Move made! - When activating the Hand of God, a random piece is used (According to the type of chess piece, extra effect is granted to Hand of God, lasts for 3 rounds)
    • Queen - Consumes 10% MP each round
    • Bishop - The enemy is unable to recover HP and MP
    • Knight - Loses HP each round
    • Tower - One's own Physical and Spell Resistance +70%
    • Lifeguard - Decreases the enemy's Attack and Power by 50%
  • God's Field - When HP is lower than 30%, Gumball is unable to cast Rank 5 spells
  • God's Body - Physical Resistance +10/20/30%, Spell Resistance +10/20/30%

About God's Field :

  • Some active skills and specials spells are forbidden but not based on the displayed rank. It depends more on what the skill does. Skills casting effects similar to Rank 5 spells are typically forbidden. (To be confirmed on a skill per skill basis...)

Special Occurrences

Chess Pieces Factory

Gang Cadre special blackmail result : 3x Amber Statue (apparently only once per run)

Endgame Space

Cave: Fight some enemies for possible loot:

  • Soldier Promotion Order - All Lifeguard Statues are converted into other random statues
  • God of Thieves can find Brock's corpse and Aeroplane Chess.

Evil God's Statue

Floor 1 :

  • Sacrifice one of two books to be able to learn the abilities
  • The book you sacrify is actually the one you keep ! (bug ?) (not a bug, a mistranslation. Should be consecrate instead of sacrifice)


  • You cannot sacrifice a book if you play Checkers (only if used as main ? or also as soul-link ?)
  • If you do not sacrifice a book, you won't get any of the books abilities in this run and you won't be able to recruit or get fragments for Checkers but you'll get a nice maze valid ally on floor 2.
  • As far as we know, there is no fundamental difference between the books. The only known practical difference is what abilities you start with.

Any floor (only present if you sacrified a book on floor 1):

  • Upgrade an ability using Chess Pieces
  • Reset an ability using 5 identical pieces or 3 Amber pieces.

About the abilities:

  • There are 90 different abilities available.
  • Each ability has an associated rank (Copper, Silver, Gold) and Chess piece (lifeguard, knight, bishop, the tower, queen, amber).
  • You can have the same ability multiple times in your book.
  • Abilities have a max level that depends solely on where they are placed in the book. Abilities at the top of the book are both the first ones you'll unblock and the ones that you can least upgrade. Max level ranges from 3 to 20.
  • Amber abilities are all Gold abilities whereas the other pieces are associated to abilities of any rank.

Upgrading an ability :

  • Each piece spent give you 50 upgrade EXP and an extra 50 if you spend the one matching the ability. Amber Pieces gives you 300 or 600 if the ability is an amber ability.
  • The cost to reach next level of an ability depends on the current level of the ability. It starts at 50 and goes up to 600 for the last upgrades toward level 20.
  • If you spend more than necessary to upgrade an ability, the remainder is used toward the next upgrade.
  • The points you earn by spending pieces on upgrade also count toward unblocking the next ability in the book.
  • The cost to unblock the next ability in the book also increases with each new unblocked ability
  • Once at max level, an ability can no longer be upgraded (even if you still have abilities to unblock).

Resetting an ability:

  • Resetting an ability costs 5 identical pieces or 3 Amber pieces.
  • When you reset an ability, a new random ability replace the chosen ability and you also get 200 points toward unblocking the next ability in the book. ( ??? points if you used Amber pieces)
  • The new ability appears at level 1 and has the same max level as the one that has been discarded by the reset.
  • I don't know the exact impact of the piece chosen to do the upgrade but using amber pieces greatly increase the chance to get an amber ability. (Or the chance to get any gold ability ? Or do you actually need amber pieces or contract to get an amber ability ? More info is needed...)
  • If you have used a non-amber contract, then all the resets you do in this floor (until you use another contract or cast a buff) will give an ability matching the piece mentioned in the contract.
  • If you have used an Amber Contract, then you'll get a gold ability in your next reset done on this floor. This indirectly greatly increases the chance to get an amber ability.
  • It seems that using amber pieces for reset with an active amber contract ensures an amber ability ? (Or just a very high chance ?)

Chess Table(Watch the Game)

Random floor buff, enhance stats, or nothing
Possible temporary buff results:

  • Status Deep Meditation: Integrates into the Evil God's Statue to additionally receives 10 EXP
  • Status Inspirational Spark: Additionally obtains 1 Chess Statue after killing the monster
  • Status Master of Strategy: Increased Attack and Power by 30%

Each of the buffs above is "only valid on this floor" and uses the standard buff slot.

Chess Table(Piece Selection)

Summons Chess Piece selected, randomly receive enhanced version

  • If you select a piece identical to an enemy piece on the board, it will replace 1 enemy of that type automatically. (eg: if on the board there is an enemy tower, summoning a tower will replace the enemy tower with an ally tower.  The ally tower will not have its stats affected by the enemy tower's stats as it is replacing the enemy tower.)

Black Chess Bishop Samuel

Summons Black Chess Bishop Samuel. Found on 2F if you don't use the Evil God Statue. Max level is 50. Revive for 100 EP.

  • Retribution (lvl 1) - Launch an attack every second round
  • Retribution (lvl 5) - Attacks gain a 50% chance to cause 200% damage (despite what the in-game text says, this still occurs every 2 rounds)
  • Bishop Brilliance (lvl 10) - Decreases the damage suffered by 20%, increases Dodge by 20%
  • Bless (lvl 15) - Upon death, Gumball recovers 20% (of max) HP
  • Holy Light Field (lvl 20) - When present, +20% to all Gumball's spell effects

Wounded Rebel Forces

Only appears if skipped Evil God Statue - Donate one Head item for maze items.

Casting Furnace

Cast a chess piece for random equip, including Hikaru armor set. The 7th cast has a 30% chance to explode, the 8th has 60% chance to do so and the 9th has 90% chance.

Piece Set A Set B Contract Amber Hikaru
Lifeguard Statue Shadow Suit Truth's Suit Lifeguard Contract Amber Statue Lifeguard's Armor
Knight's Statue Fire Mastery Suit Dragon Scale Suit Knight's Contract Amber Statue Knight's Lance
Bishop's Statue Water Mastery Suit Light Mastery Suit Bishop Contract Amber Statue Bishop Cloak
Tower Statue Earth Mastery Suit Air Mastery Suit Tower Contract Amber Statue Solid Shield
Statue of the Queen Demon's Suit Dark Mastery Suit Queen Contract Amber Statue Queen's Crown
Amber Statue Wheel of Fortune Suit Eternal Suit Gods' Scroll Amber Contract Gem (limited)

Contact items:

  • Contract items for each piece type give 50-100 ep (100-200 for Amber), and triggers chess piece's Ability when resetting Evil God Ability on that floor. Amber Contract gives Gold ability when resetting Evil God Ability.

Potion Formulas


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane's Lantern Soul
Chess Master's Corpse
Chess Master's Corpse med
Floor 1: Ring of Inhibition

Other: Chess Pieces, Capablanca's Manuscript, Steinitz's Manuscript, You Wei's Manuscript, Murphy's Manuscript, Laske's Manuscript , Alekhine's Manuscript (only one manuscript per run)

Broken Master's Soul: 1% reduction in EP cost at Chess Pieces Factor

Complete Master's Soul: 3% reduction in EP cost at Chess Pieces Factor

Maid's Corpse
Maid's Corpse - Gods' Chessboard
Maid's Journal Maid's Broken Soul: Cast Cure
Heretic's Remains
Pilgrim's Remains
Abyss Miscellany Heretic's Soul: +3 Attack & Power
Wizard's Remains
Wizard's Remain med
Evil Energy Crystal Core, Chess Pieces, Random Scrolls, Potion formulas Broken Mage's Soul: +10 Power on Current Floor

Complete Mage's Soul: +1 Power

Robot Wreckage
Robot Wreckage med
Flexible Robotic Arm Data Chip: +10 EP when advancing to next floor
Poker Guard's Corpse (white)
Poker Guard's Corpse - Spade
Heart of Spade Poker Guard's Soul: +300 EP
Male Remains
Male Remains med
Jumanji Chessboard Alan's Soul: Receive a Chess Statue for every 3 Floors advanced
Youth's Remains
Youth's Remains med
D20 Little Boy's Soul: Recover 20% HP for each enemy killed on current floor
Shindou Hikaru's Corpse
Shindou Hikaru's Corpse med
Folding Fan Shindou Hikaru's Soul: +15% chance to forge Hikaru Suit piece when using forge on current floor)

FujiwaraNo Sai's Soul: Improves Folding Fan to +6 Power, 30% Divine Move Status

Poker Guard's Corpse (red)
Poker Guard's Corpse - Hearts
Heart of Red Heart Poker Guard's Soul: +300 EP
Brock's Corpse
Brock's Corpse
The 7th Seal Brock's Soul: Attack +3, Power +3

(Requires to have Ripper or Great Detective in team to potentially see him without God of Thieves title)

Out of Maze Loot

Get these items in the maze and use them outside:

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Title specific loots

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

Chess Piece upgrades

Exhaustive List

Abilities Quality Type Per level
Bless Spell effect +X% 1-Copper Bishop 3
Cure Spell effect +X% 1-Copper Bishop 3
Divine Favor spell effect + X% 1-Copper Bishop 3
Holy Bolt spell effect + X% 1-Copper Bishop 3
Ice Shield spell effect + X% 1-Copper Bishop 3
Icicle spell effect +X% 1-Copper Bishop 3
Receive MP + X% when disenchanting the Scroll 1-Copper Bishop 5
Receives EP + X% when disenchanting Treasure 1-Copper Bishop 2
Aurora Barrier spell effect + X% 2-Silver Bishop 3
Fist of Heaven Spell effect +X% 2-Silver Bishop 3
Holy Rebirth spell effect + X% 2-Silver Bishop 3
Ignore enemies dodge + X% 2-Silver Bishop 3
Recovering spell effect + X% 2-Silver Bishop 3
Dodge +X%, Max Dodge +(X/2)% 3-Gold Bishop 1
Increase the effect of all Aid Spells by X% 3-Gold Bishop 2
Increase the effect of all Healing spells by X% 3-Gold Bishop 2
Increase the effect of all Light Spells by X% 3-Gold Bishop 2
Increase the effect of all Water Spells by X% 3-Gold Bishop 2
X% chance to detect a key's location on each floor 3-Gold Bishop 1
X% chance to receive double low-level Spell 3-Gold Bishop 1
Attack + X 1-Copper Knight 1
Blind spell effect + X% 1-Copper Knight 3
Burn effect the enemy suffered + X% 1-Copper Knight 5
Fire Ball spell effect +X% 1-Copper Knight 3
Flame Dragon Blade Damage +X% 1-Copper Knight 2
Meteor Shower spell effect +X% 1-Copper Knight 3
When attacking, X% chance to add Burning effect 1-Copper Knight 3
Armageddon spell effect + X% 2-Silver Knight 3
Attack + X 2-Silver Knight 2
Attack + X% 2-Silver Knight 1
Blade of Ruin spell effect + X% 2-Silver Knight 3
Ignores enemy Physical Resistance + X% 2-Silver Knight 2
Inflicts X% extra damage when you attack Element 2-Silver Knight 1
When attacking, X% chance to deal double damage 2-Silver Knight 1
Increase the effect of all Fire spells by X% 3-Gold Knight 2
Inflicts X% extra damage when you attack BOSS 3-Gold Knight 2
When attacking, X% chance to simultaneously attack 2 enemies 3-Gold Knight 1
X% chance to cast Fire Ball while attacking 3-Gold Knight 1
Bleed effect enemy suffered +X% 1-Copper Lifeguard 5
Gain EP + X each time you enter the next floor of the Maze 1-Copper Lifeguard 1
HP + X 1-Copper Lifeguard 10
HP + X% 1-Copper Lifeguard 1
MP + X 1-Copper Lifeguard 10
MP + X% 1-Copper Lifeguard 1
When attacking, X% chance to add Bleeding effect 1-Copper Lifeguard 3
When picking up recovery bottle, recovery amount is increased by X% 1-Copper Lifeguard 3
HP + X 2-Silver Lifeguard 20
MP + X 2-Silver Lifeguard 20
Recover HP + X each time you enter the next floor of the Maze 2-Silver Lifeguard 2
Recover HP + X for each enemy killed 2-Silver Lifeguard 1
Recover MP + X each time you enter the next floor of the Maze 2-Silver Lifeguard 1
Magic Reserve (Receive Scroll on each level of this upgrade) 3-Gold Lifeguard Per upgrade: 2 spells between rank 1 and rank 4.
Upgrades 5/10/15/20 gives an additional rank 5 spell.
It seems that as the level increase, chances of getting rank 3-4 scrolls increase somewhat.
Reduce EP cost to upgrade titles by X% 3-Gold Lifeguard 1
War Supplies (Upgrade to get items) 3-Gold Lifeguard Maxed to lev 20, it gives a total of 19 Bottle of Blood /19 Orc's Liver / 4 Eyeball Tincture
Death Ripple spell effect + X% 1-Copper Queen 3
Energy Drain spell effect + X% 1-Copper Queen 3
Power + X 1-Copper Queen 1
Curse spell effect + X% 1-Copper Queen 3
Hex spell effect + X% 2-Silver Queen 3
Ignores enemy Spell Resistance + X% 2-Silver Queen 2
Implosion Spell effect + X% 2-Silver Queen 3
Power + X 2-Silver Queen 2
Power + X% 2-Silver Queen 1
When casting, X% chance to deal double damage 2-Silver Queen 1
All of the Gumball's skills, energy accumulation speed + X% 3-Gold Queen 2
Increase the effect of all Damage spells by X% 3-Gold Queen 2
Increase the effect of all Dark Spells by X% 3-Gold Queen 2
X% chance to cast Death Ripple while attacking 3-Gold Queen 1
Disrupting Ray spell effect + X% 1-Copper Tower 3
Earth Spike spell effect +X% 1-Copper Tower 3
Electrostatic Field spell effect + X% 1-Copper Tower 3
Lightning Bolt spell effect + X% 1-Copper Tower 3
Poisoned effect the enemy suffered + X% 1-Copper Tower 5
When attacking, X% chance to add poison effect 1-Copper Tower 3
Decrease the blood-leech effect suffered by X% 2-Silver Tower 5
Chain Lightning spell effect + X% 2-Silver Tower 3
Decreases the Penetration effect suffered by X%.

Refers in fact to the Pierce effect from the Tower)

2-Silver Tower 5
Gravity Spell effect + X% 2-Silver Tower 3
Portal of Earth effect + X% 2-Silver Tower 3
Timestill spell effect + X% 2-Silver Tower 3
Decrease long-range damage by X% 3-Gold Tower 1
Defense + X 3-Gold Tower 1
Increase the effect of all Air Spells by X% 3-Gold Tower 2
Increase the effect of all Earth Spells by X% 3-Gold Tower 2
X% chance to cast Lightning Bolt on attack 3-Gold Tower 1
Increase Ability to Summon Monsters (Limit Board Game(ie-chess pieces)) 3-Gold Amber Summoned Chess Pieces:

Atk+5%, HP+~4%

Increase the effect of all spells by X% 3-Gold Amber 2
Spell Forbidden Crystal Ball Damage + X 3-Gold Amber 20
Treasure of the King (item every 5 levels) (must be a lvl 20 ability to get last item) 3-Gold Amber Lvl 5 = 15 Holy Cup / Lvl 10 = Infinity Gem / Lvl 15 = 8 Lvl 5 scrolls / Lvl 20 = Strange Ivory (Checkers quest item)
When advancing to the next floor, X% chance to cast Earthquake 3-Gold Amber 2

Note: You cannot have the exact same Gold or Amber ability twice in a book of sacrifice. Some other abilities might be limited too.

Upgrade EXP Costs

It costs a total of 5800 EXP to raise an ability from level 1 to level 20.
A total 53750 EXP is needed to max the book representing at the very best 396 non-amber pieces to integrate.
This best number is assuming that you always pick pieces corresponding to the ability (which you cannot really do for Amber abilities) and always have the +10 bonus form the chess table and the +30 bonus from Evil God's Nostrum when you integrate pieces. Add about an extra 23 pieces to the total for each Amber lv20 ability.

From level # EXP Cost
1 50
2 100
3 150
4 150
5 150
6 200
7 200
8 200
9 300
10 300
11 300
12 400
13 400
14 400
15 500
16 500
17 500
18 500
19 500


Quest # dp Tips
Obtain Flexible Robotic Arm 3 2 Obtained from Robot Wreckage
Obtain Jumanji Chessboard 3 2 Obtained From Alan's Corpse
Obtain Folding Fan 3 2 Obtained From Shindou Hikaru's Corpse
Obtain Sin Claw 1 2 Obtained by Sacrificing Ferocious to the Furnace
Collect and Equip 5 Pieces of Hikaru Set 1 3 Obtained by Sacrificing Ches Pieces to the Furnace, one set piece for each chess piece type
Use Heart of Heart 2 2 Found in Endgame Space on Poker Guard Corpse (Red)
Use Heart of Spade 2 2 Found in Endgame Space on Poker Guard Corpse (Black)
Use D20 to Enhance Attribute 3 2 If you fail, Close the game without saving and try again on the next floor
Use God's Scroll 10 2 Found By Stealing from Evil God Boss, Smelting Amber Chess Pieces, or on Wizard Corpses
Use Evil Energy Crystal Core 20 2 Purchase from Chess Piece Factory or find on Corpses (Can not be used if running with Bishop Samuel)
Use Chess Statue to Summon Creatures 50 2
Summon Ferocious 3 2 Purchase Ferocious Piece from Chess PIece Factory
Resurrect Black Chess Bishop Samuel 5 2 Do not give a book to the Evil God on Floor 1 and you'll meet Samuel on Floor 2. Once he dies, pick up his piece and resurrect him for 100 EP, can be done unlimited times.
Kill the Lifeguard 200 1
Kill the Knight 200 1
Kill the Bishop 200 1
Kill the Tower 200 1
Kill the Queen 200 1
Kill First Boss 1 3
Kill Boss 5 3
Use Spell Forbidden Crystal Ball to Kill the Enemy 30 2 Condottiere doubles the damage of the Crystal Balls for easier kills. Also a Gold Book Ability will increase the damage of Balls. Easiest at low floor numbers.
Eliminate Endgame Space 30 2 Enter Endgame Spaces (Caves that look like warped chessboards) and eliminate all enemies and collect all treasures within
Reach Floor 70 1 2
Reach Floor 80 1 3
Reach Floor 90 1 3
Search Wizards Remains 20 1
Search the Chess Master's Corpse 20 1
Buy Goods in Chess Pieces Factory 50 1
Casting Furnace Smelts Equipment 50 1
Integrates into the Lifeguard Statue 50 1 Use Lifeguard Pieces to add exp to the Evil God Book
|Integrates into the Knight Statue 50 1 Use Knight Pieces to add exp to the Evil God Book
Integrates into the Bishop Statue 50 1 Use Bishop Pieces to add exp to the Evil God Book
Integrates into the Tower Statue 50 1 Use Tower Pieces to add exp to the Evil God Book
Integrates into the Queen Statue 50 1 Use Queen Pieces to add exp to the Evil God Book
Integrates into the Amber Statue 5 2 Use Amber Statue Pieces to add exp to the Evil God Book
Ability Reset 50 2 Reset Abilities using any Chess Piece type
Reset Amber Abilities 5 2 Reset Abilities using 3 Amber Pieces ( only for lvl 20 abilities )
Possess 3 of the Same Abilities at the Same Time 1 2 Keep resetting abilities until you have 3 of the same in your book (e.g. 3 time the same "Attack +2" Ability. It must be the same, twice the copper knight +2 ability and once the silver knight +2 ability will *not* work. It does not, however, need to be abilities with the same max level. )
Possess 3 Gold Quality Abilities at the Same Time 1 2 Keep resetting abilities until you have 3 gold abilities in your book. Requires a bit of luck but pretty simple.
Upgrade All Abilities to Max Level 1 3 Use Planar Prophet for enhanced Portals of Earth or use God of Thieves title to get Chess Aeroplane for additional floors to collect pieces.
Ring of Inhibition Reaches Star 7 1 3 Keep clearing tiles with Ring of Inhibition Equipped
Obtain Hidden Gumball 1 5 See at top of page for method

Gumball Specific Informations


- Try to keep the Ring of Inhibition equipped to gain more chess pieces from enemies. Once fully upgraded, it has a 50% chance to drop a chess piece after a kill. Do note though, that kills done by summons like the Dark Souls of Shadow Warrior, don't apply for the ring.  Kills by Samuel, however, DO apply.

- Note that the Ring of Inhibition doesn't need you to manually open the slates. Killing the last enemy and letting the game to auto-open the remaining tiles is fine, and it will be counted towards the slate count.

- The buffs from the table uses the standard buff slot and so does the effect from the contracts and the usual buffs like Stoneskin or Bless. When any of those effects is activated, it removes any current effect that uses the same buff slot.

- Evil God's Nostrum buff can be useful and does *not* use the standard buff slot. It gives +30 when integrating a statue in the book. This +30 does not apply to resets, only integrations. The +30 is *not* doubled when you use matching type of statue.

- To get Checkers Fashion, you need to bring Checkers as main gumball. You won't be able to use the evil statue at first floor, but you will be able to use Samuel at floor #2. At floor #91 you will meet Black and White Queen, answer "Yes" to her, and at 101 you will find the Fashion.

Checkers can be found only after you bring the skill "Treasure of the King" to lvl 20, meaning that even in subsequent runs, if you want to get the 20 Fragments, you will need to upgrade the skill as a priority to have the chance to meet him soon. As a matter of efficiency, you might want to reset the 1st lvl 20 skill of the book till you get the Treasure of the King there.

- The lvl 20 skill "Spell Forbidden Crystal Ball Damage + X" will greatly help to gather kills with them easily. It can reach up to +400 damage at lvl 20, for a 430 damage total.

Folding Fan buff, "Divine Status", once activated it survives going down a floor. This means that once the buff is triggered, and you don't cast any damage spells, it will last indefinitely till you cast a damage spell. So you can pre-buff a few floor before a boss, unequip the folding fan for whatever you want, and you will still have a further boost in the following fight you want.


Chess Piece Summon Effects

All Summons last the current floor except for Ferocious.

Icon Name Ability
LifeguardBlack Lifeguard Valor - Enhances Attack by 2 each round
KnightBlack Knight Dodge - High Dodge Attribute
BishopBlack Bishop Healing Light - Casts once every 3 rounds to help Gumball recover HP
TowerBlack The Tower Cover - Helps Gumball resist 50% of damage
QueenBlack Queen Queen Majesty - When attacking elementals, deals an extra 30% damage
FerociousBlack Ferocious Sin Claw - Launch an attack each round, 50% chance to cause 200% damage

"Absorb Pieces" - Summoned pieces are absorbed and adds extra abilities depending on the piece:

Protection Halo(Queen) - When present, damage suffered by Gumball is decreased by 20%

Revenge counterattack(Tower) - Self-explosion upon death, deals triple Damage to all enemies

Pure Aura(Bishop) - When present, Gumball ignores enemy's Physical and Spell Resistance +20%

Battle Halo(Knight) - When present, Yours and Gumball's Dodge is increased by 15%

Zeal Aura(Lifeguard) - When present, Yours and Gumball's Attack is increased by 20%

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