The Adventure Title - God of Thieves reveals unique items in each Maze as well as repeatable stat boosts, scrolls, EP, equipment and limited gem sources.

Access Edit

The usual way to have access to these items is by learning the God of Thieves Adventure Title.

Alternatives are as follow:

All MazesEdit

These encounters appear in any maze and will be encountered multiple times per run:

  • Totem in the target floor - Power +1/2 (80% chance to be +1)
  • Bloodstain on the floor - Attack +1/2 (80% chance to be +1)
  • Scattered Books - HP or MP +20/40 (80% chance to be +20)
  • Extinct Bonfire - Restore HP (20% of Max HP) and MP (10% of Max MP)

These encounters have the possibility of dropping specific items per maze (denoted in the individual maze sections) but are otherwise repeatable:

  • Shabby Lair :
  • Scattered Items:
    • 30 to 80 EP
    • Rank 1 or 2 Random equipment
  • Hidden Storage Chest - EP or random equipment
  • Loose Brick - Random spells

Note that almost always, the dungeon specific GoT drops are limited to once per run each.

Adventurer's ForestEdit

Hero's VillageEdit

Lost TempleEdit


Ancient ArenaEdit

Forest of WhispersEdit

For the mushrooms: 50% chance to get 1, 30% to get 2, 20% to get 3

Saint's TowerEdit

  • Saint's Dressing Mirror: judges your looks, grants nothing, EP, stat boosts, or gems based on how "beautiful" your main gumball is. See table below. Note that the beauty score might actually change when a fashion is worn.
  • Strange Bookshelf: gives a book based on current main gumball. The name of the book is the same as what that gumball reads on the World Tree. Some books give 3 gems the first time they are used, then coins on future runs. After three gem books, all books will be coins.
  • Hidden Storage Chest: Complete Lich's Will equipment suit
  • Loose Brick - 5x LC + 5x DC
  • Saint's Wardrobe - 3x Magic Relics
  • Scattered Items - Magic Toffee x3

Beauty Table
Rank Description Rewards Gumballs
10 Everything in this world will fall for me! Attack +5, Power +5, EP +1000, 3 Gem (limited to ? times) Angel Deity, Armor, Artemis, Athena, Black & White Queen, Cytus, Divine Dragon, Frost Queen, Kaito, Medusa, Prince, Vampire, Zerg Queen, ...
9 Ha-ha! I'm so beautiful! Attack +3, Power +3, EP +700 Apollo, Dwarf King, Justice Herald, Monkey King, Night Knight, World Tree, Zorro,...
8 Hmm? I'm quite pretty! Attack +2, Power +2, EP +500 Red Hood, Starmoon Scholar, Shadow Assassin, Blue Shark, Noble, Fallen Angel , ...
7 Not bad. Definitely better than average! Attack +1, Power +1, EP +300 Alchemist, Mage, Great Detective, Odin, Future Cat, ...
6 My looks... are very common EP +200 King, Magic Boy, ...
5 Well... at least there are other merits! EP +100 Architect, Fire Giant, Psychic
4 Never mind... One glance is more than enough... -50 HP and MP Asura, Crypt Lord, Mahiraga, Pigsy
3 Er... I already lost at the staring line... -100 HP and MP Bomberman, Ripper, Son of Satan
2 Gosh! That's horrible! -200 HP and MP Sorcerer
1 I wanna kill myself! -300 HP and MP Zombie, ...

Desert OasisEdit

Bloody FortressEdit

Dracula's CastleEdit

Skeleton IslandEdit

Pirate's PortEdit

Avalon FortressEdit

City of SteamEdit

Spacecraft RuinsEdit

Hell FrontierEdit

Gods' ChessboardEdit

Erathia Edit

Eden's Land Edit

Cloud Island Edit

Chaos Abyss Edit

In this maze, God of Thieves items can also be obtained using Sentry Guard items.

Card Wonderland Edit

work in progress..

Bracada College Edit

  • Creepy Paper - Gives Creepy Paper
  • Strange Octopus - Fight, when killed gives random stone, spells and 2 gems (limit: 6?) (TIP: Nether Wicks worked well)
  • Broken Robot - Search/Repair
    • Search - Gives some relics and airship mats
    • Repair: if failed, gives relics and airship mats; if successful gives Monokuma robot (one-time only). 100% success rare with any mechanical gumball, Peter or Machinist. 25% success rate with any other gumball.
  • Shabby Lair: 5x Energon
  • Hidden Storage Chest: 2 Magic Potion + 2 Energy Potion
  • Scattered Items: Random level 7 stone
  • Loose brick: 2x Painkiller

God of Thieves has some peculiarities for Bracada College :

  • For Hidden Storage Chest and Scattered Items (and possibly some others), you either get the maze specific result or EP. The other usual possible results are not possible here.

Sdorica Edit

District 91 Edit

  • Device Zero, "Transform Body":
    • Orc, Dwarf, Freak, Hybrid Forms: Attack +5, Power +5, HP+100, MP+100
    • Others: Suffer damage
  • Filing Cabinet: 6x Form Handbook (one of each)
  • Shabby Lair: 90 genes
  • Hidden Storage Chest:
  • Scattered Items: 300EP + 2x Form Handbook
  • Loose brick: 25x R-G-R Particle
  • Omni-Directional mobility Gear : backtrack 20 floors

Notes Edit

  1. Shabby Terminal, max reward for Alien,Armor, Autobots, Avalon, Black Warrior, Captain, Commander, Cytus, Divine Dragon, Future Cat, Goblin, Machine Herald, Night Knight, Predator, Templar, Terminator, Zerg Queen, Zeros, Zeus
  2. Shabby Terminal, nice but not maximal reward for Alchemist, Archaeologist, Chuchu, Commando, Deemo, DJ, Guardian, Kaito, Machinist, Mage, Magic Boy, Minstrel, Paparazzi, Puppeteer, Sage, Space Wizard, Time Wizard
  3. High standing gumballs are: King, Dwarf King, Odin, Prince, Zerg Queen, Nobunaga, Spartan, Lich King, Poseidon, Hades,Lionheart King, Saladin, Checkers, Skeleton Lord, Pharaoh, Black & White Queen, Frost Queen, King Arthur, Son of Satan, Zeus, Alexander
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