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Note: This page describes the Event which existed before the Maze called Gods' Chessboard was released. Thus, this page contains information which is outdated.


Complete event mazes to get the Checkers gumball (requires 30 fragments)

Can also receive the Mammoth gumball as a random final boss or in a random level 10 cave (hard mode only).

This Maze is optimized for Magic type Gumballs. A number of scrolls can be found on each floor.


  • May 05-07, 2017
  • Jan 13-16, 2017
  • Earlier in 2016


Stage Vigor Boss Fragments Notes
Hard (15F) 3 55 Attack, 2400 HP 7-9 Mammoth sometimes replaces Checkers as the final boss. He also sometimes appears in a cave on floor 10 (S/L 30 method can be used to spawn the cave if you're done with Checkers).
Common (10F) 2 40 Attack, 1600 HP 3-5
Simple (5F) 1 25 Attack, 800 HP 1-2
Raid 3 5-6


Starts with the 3 chess pieces in the manuscript found on the chess master's corpse. Launch an attack each round

Casts once every 3 rounds to summon a chess piece

Special Items[]

Chess Table - select a chess piece to summon to your side (replaces one matching piece on board or summons a new one)

Chess Master's Corpse - gives:

Sundries Pile - gives some combination of

  • Coins
  • Alchemy materials
  • EP
  • Cross
  • Holy Cup
  • Chess piece statue
  • Spells

Brock's Corpse - gives The 7th Seal

Deep Blue - stat boost

Sometimes when collecting pieces you'll get a Diamond Statue instead

Sometimes when replacing pieces using the chessboard, the new piece will be blue instead of black and have "of diamond" added to its name. If it dies, it will drop 1 gem.


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Chess Master's Corpse Magicproof Crystal Ball (x5/4/3) & Random Manuscript Chess Master's Soul: Grants a random Chess Piece statue
Brock's Corpse The 7th Seal Brock's Soul: +3 attack, +3 power

Chess Pieces[]

Summoning a new piece replaces any existing piece currently on the board. (Ex. White Queen and The Tower are on the field. Picking Queen or The Tower will replace the white version with an allied Black version.) All friendly pieces attack each round, taking damage. The bishop dies quickly so use it wisely.

Enemy Hostile Skill (White) Friendly Skill (Black)
Queen Enhances all companion's attack after being killed

When entering a battle, decreases damage companions suffer by 50%

Enhances gumball's attack by 1 after being killed

When entering a battle, decreases damage gumball suffers by 50%

The Tower Launches a ranged attack every 2 rounds and brings penetration effect

Helps companions of other types resist 50% of damage

Attacks every 2 rounds

Causes penetration status (lose HP every round for 9 rounds) Gumball resists 50% of damage

Bishop Heals companions every 3 rounds

When entering battle, all companions become immune to abnormal status

Heals you every 3 rounds

When entering battle, gumball becomes immune to all abnormal status

Lifeguard Enhances attack by 2 each round

When entering a battle, all companion's attacks have leech blood effect

Enhances attack by 2 each round

When entering a battle, gumball's attack adds leech blood effect (turns 20% of damage to HP)

Knight Chance to counterattack double damage

When entering a battle, helps all companions enhance dodge

50% chance to cause double damage when attacking

When entering a battle, dodge enhanced by 50%


  • You can use Magicproof Crystal Ball to convert pieces to your side. They become a summoned creature in your inventory when they die, but only if they die from the damage caused by the item..
  • The three pieces mentioned in the manuscript you pick up will be the three pieces initially in the boss room. Use the crystal ball to get the corresponding statues before you fight Checkers.
  • Although the chess piece statues say "valid in maze" they don't follow you to the next floor.
  • Select Holy Warrior with a Warrior/Zerg Queen soul link for an easy run, even at Hard difficulty. Actually, any high attack and hp gumball can be uses as a main. In my case, I use adventurer in order to gain warrior fragment in a run.
  • Mammoth gumball can appear instead of Checkers, rarely.
  • If you have Creator, there is a chance to get a large number of gems thanks to The 7th Seal that can appear rarely.

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