Ghost Horn Ghost Horn
Type: Consumable
South of the distant Dhaka Empire, there is a water area covered with fog. People often see a looming warship wandering about in the vicinity, where echoes of women's singing can be heard aboard. Many have travelled to investigate, but the warship always disappear all of a sudden when approached... This mysterious horn was said to have been discovered at the place where the warship disappeared, it may have some close tie with the ship.
Use: Summon Ghost Ship (valid in this floor)

Each Ghost Horn can be used 3/3 times

Source(s): From Ghost Captain with statue when played as Main.

Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship 1
  • Attack = inherits 150% of Ghost Captain's Attack (buffs included).
  • Has no HP (cannot be killed)
  • Attacks every 5 rounds (Timer starts at 4 as one round is consumed when using the item)
  • Dragon's Bombard: When attack, 40% chance to launch 6 shells.


It can be given to the Forest Tree House in Adventurer's Forest (even if partially used).

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