Ghost Captain Ghost Captain Gold Statue
Trial requirement Ghost Captain evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

Ghost Captain's Pearl x3, 5 Gem, Adventure Relics x10

Pearl Cost

10x Ghost Captain Pearl
1x Sorcerer Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Soul Crystal
2x Tethys (Lv. 180)
3x Menmosyne (Lv. 300)
2x Hyperion (Lv. 390)

Statue Bonus Attack+1, Power+5

In Sky and Space, Speed+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Method 1: (Needs 5 star Puppeteer for titles)
  • Search Shipwreck (Get EP, 1 equip & scrolls)
  • Title : Apprentice x2 > White Mage > Bishop > Water Master
  • Cast Icicle on 2 Enemy Ship (Middle and Right)
  • Cast Bless
  • Attack 3 times the middle ship
  • Cast Icicle on left ship
  • Cast Bless, kill middle ship (never pickup icicle after kill), then attack left ship
  • Cast ice shield
  • Attack left ship, cast bless and kill left ship
  • Enter cave, heal up hp
  • Cast bless and kill 2 creep
  • Cast bless and kill other 2
  • Heal up and get scrolls
  • Cast icicle on the last ship,bless, kill ship
  • Kill boss using everything you have, recast icicle and bless when necessary

Preferred Method:
Method 2 [by IGN--Poosher]: (3 stars Sage probably necessary, maybe doable without 3 stars since there were extra bless scrolls leftover)

  • Title: 1* apprentice, 1* white mage, 1* bishop, 1* water master
  • Search shipwreck for EP and scrolls
  • Cast icicle on all three ships (now all three ships should have 4 counters and 3 turns of freeze)
  • Cast bless (with 3 star sage, bless adds 27+5 ATK in the trial and lasts 5 turns) then focus on the last ship you froze. You'll take some damage when freeze effect run out, but should be able to kill one ship before bless duration is gone.
  • Cast ice shield when the two leftover ships have 1 turn left on clock after freeze wears off. The two leftover ships should have half hp after taking damage from the first round of icicle.
  • Cast icicle on one ship and attack normally until the other ship has 1 left on its clock counter. Then cast icicle on the other ship. Finish off the first ship before freeze is up and then kill the second ship.
  • Go into the cave, heal with cure scrolls before fighting the tentacles if low on hp
  • Cast bless, and take out one tentacle at a time; Heal in between bless if low on hp, but focus on taking down the tentacle you're fighting before healing since they heal each turn
  • Search corpse for more scrolls
  • Go back out to fight boss. Boss doesn't have a devastating attack every x turn and only does normal counter attack, so you can take your time to finish it off.
  • Cast cure (for +5 atk bonus and some hp healing if needed), cast ice shield
  • Refresh icicle, bless, ice shield whenever you can and boss should be dead pretty quickly. Had leftover bless scrolls with 3* sage, might cut it close if player has lower duration on bless.

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