Gene No. 0 Gene No. 0
Type: Consumable
This tube with fluorescent colour liquid has a sharp needle at the bottom. A skull is drawn with red marker on the outer casing, the word "zero" is written in bold below the skull. If you are curious about its usage, why not stab the needle into your artery and inject the liquid into your blood...
Use: Increases attributes based on the Cosmic Godfather Gumball's skills (With lower current HP grants better enhancement effect)

"Shapeshift Lv. 1" Recovers 100% of HP
"Shapeshift Lv. 2" Enhances Attack (up to 10 points)
"Shapeshift Lv. 3" Enhances Power (up to 10 points)
"Shapeshift Lv. 4" Enhances Attack (up to 10 points)
"Shapeshift Lv. 5" Enhances Power (up to 10 points)

Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Chemistry Knowledge (Blocker) provides: Decrease damage by 5%

Chemistry Knowledge (Analgesic) provides: Defense +5
Chemistry Knowledge (Epinephrine) provides: Attack +1 after killing an enemy (valid in target floor)

Source(s): Initially carried by Cosmic Godfather (Link or Main).
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