Gang Cadre
Gang Cadre
Faction Canas' Enlightenment Canas' Enlightenment
Type Melee Melee Title
Trial/Statue Trial and Statue Info Gold Statue
Easter Eggs Easter Eggs EasterEgg
Fashion Not released

Gang Cadre Gumball worships violence, he comes from a secret criminal organization of the Kriya Archipelago. Through violence, he controlled the businesses, farms, and harbors of the island, and often take his henchmen along when blackmailing the private business owners for protection fees.

How to Get

Unlock in Mercenary Camp for 30 fragments.


(Talents are shared across all gumballs and increase with star rank)

Hero's Village, increases -/20/30/40/50% bonus when conducting Bandit's Raid (based on principle reward)

Exclusive Skill

("Blackmail". Exclusive skills can be soul linked in battle. Feed to improve exclusive skills)

Gang Cadre Gumball worships violence and will blackmail the shopkeeper every time entering a shop (40/50/60/70/80% chance of successful blackmail), thus receiving all types of resources and items

As main, enters the maze with 3 Cigar in your inventory.

When blackmailing, the following results are possible :

  • Failure: You loose 10HP and are booted from the shop (you can come back an buy the stuff).
  • EP: You gain no object but you gain 50EP (30% of all success cases)
  • 1 item : You get 1 of the items for sale. (25% of all success cases)
  • 2 items : 25% of all success cases.
  • All items : 20% of all the success cases.

In addition, if it isn't a failure, you have a chance to get an extra item depending on the type of shop:

  • Items shop: a Rare Treasure except spell books. (Once per maze run)
  • Scrolls shop: one of the spell books from Rare Treasure. (Once per maze run)
  • Dungeon specific shop: Usually an item specific to that dungeon. It can be one of the important items of that dungeon or an item that cannot be obtained in any other way.

For each type of shop, there is a limited number of time that you can get an extra item during a run. For exemple, in Forest of Whispers, you can get the extra item from Dave's Cottage only twice in a run: once for each piece of the Zombie (Suit).

Blackmail results use their own random seed: if you S/L on a floor with only 1 shop, the blackmail result won't change. It can however be useful to S/L if there are multiple shops on a floor, especially if you have hit the limit of extra items on one of the type of shops but not the other type.

Combat Skills

Skill Effect


Max Stats

(For gumball reached 5 stars, feeding completed, and weapon and certificate are fully upgraded.)

Maze Airship
Attack Power HP MP Fire Speed Armor Luck

Weapon and Certificate

(Blacksmith gumball decreases weapon coin cost)

Rank Weapon Bonus Weapon Cost Certificate Bonus Certificate Cost
1 n/a n/a n/a n/a
2 Attack+2 HP+20 MP+20 Fragment x30
5000 Coins



Level Upgrade Effect
Goblin's Chocolate
Goblin's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Butter Cream Bread
Butter Cream Bread:

Vanilla Flour x10, Cream Berry x10, coin x50

Goblin's Pizza
Goblin's Pizza:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Vanilla Flour x10, coins x50

Witch's Chocolate
Witch's Chocolate:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Lizard's Spawn x10, coin x50

EP+50 when entering a maze
Gumball Jelly
Gumball Jelly:

Lizard's Spawn x10, Cream Berry x10, coin x50

Exclusive skill level +1
Caveman's Gingerbread
Caveman's Gingerbread:

Magic Bean Pod x10, Vanilla Flour x10, coins x50

HP+15 MP+15
Dwarf's Bitter
Dwarf's Bitter:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Fairy Spring x10, Star Mint x10, coin x500

Bishop's Chocolate
Bishop's Chocolate:

Cream Berry x20, Star Mint x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

EP+100 when entering a maze
Comet Cake
Comet Cake:

Lizard's Spawn x20, Star Mint x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Attack+1 HP+20
Sapphire Jelly
Sapphire Jelly:

Magic Bean Pod x20, Blue Crystal Gel x10, Fantasy Fruit x10, coin x500

Exclusive skill level +1
Dryad's Ice Cream
Dryad's Ice Cream:

Lizard's Spawn x20, Fairy Spring x10, Blue Crystal Gel x10, coin x500

Attack+1 Power+1
Demon's Chocolate
Demon's Chocolate:

Star Mint x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Elf's Dust x10, coin x5,000

EP+100 when entering a maze
Storm Doughnut
Storm Doughnut:

Star Mint x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Crystal Egg x10, coin x5,000

HP+50 MP+10
Owl's Red Wine
Owl's Red Wine:

Fairy Spring x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Attack+2 Power+1
Miracle Jelly
Miracle Jelly:

Blue Crystal Gel x20, Elf's Dust x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Exclusive skill level +1
Vodka of Fate
Vodka of Fate:

Fairy Spring x20, Evil Pumpkin x10, Tower Flower x10, coin x5,000

Emperor's Chocolate
Emperor's Chocolate:

Tower Flower x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Dragon's Rib x10, coin x50,000

EP+200 when entering a maze
Void Ice Cream
Void Ice Cream:

Evil Pumpkin x20, Holy Blood x10, Star Scrap x10, coin x50,000

Attack+2 Power+2
Cake of Oracle
Cake of Oracle:

Crystal Egg x20, Heart of Ancient Tree x10, Holy Blood x10, coin x50,000

HP+50 MP+30
Red Dragon Tempura
Red Dragon Tempura:

Tower Flower x20, Dragon's Rib x10, Rainbow Shell x10, coin x50,000

Attack+3 Exclusive skill level +1
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