Gaia's Blessing.png Gaia's Blessing
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮✮ Element: Earth
MP: 0 Type: Special
Effect Immediately enter the unknown space (prohibited in a special floor)

Teleport to a special floor containing Lord of Earth Elemental.
Lord of Earth Elemental (Elemental)

  • Attack 0, HP 9999, Dodge 0%, Accuracy 100%
  • Mother Earth's Shelter - Immune to all control states, and won't lose HP
  • Mother Earth's Trial - Deal damage to BOSS as much as possible in 5 rounds (The rounds of the trial will not be affected by Timestill)

Rewards depending on how much damage is dealt.


Source Effect


For information about how to deal tons of damage to the Lord of Earth Elemental , see Chaos Abyss

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