Frank's Diary Frank's Diary
Type: Consumable
..."March 7" Today. the target of assassination even hired two killers to ambush me! Damn! But for Boss Bloody Wolf appeared this time I'm definitely gonna go to see God!

..."April 6" Today, I chatted with Jason and talked about Boss's story: he met Boss in prison, and successfully helped him escape, so he joined the gang.
..."April 7" I just received a clue that the police will come to encircle us tomorrow night. Boss didn't look well after he got to know it. Maybe it's last time gunshot wounds that hurt again?
..."May 5" Jason caught a police officer today, showing off everywhere. Look at him. I really want to give him a punch!
..."May 6" In the past few days. Boss has been often in a daze alone. maybe he's in bigger trouble?

Use: Attack +2
Source(s): Spacecraft Ruins

Formerly Bloody Wolf! Cold Killer! event maze

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