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Forest of Mystery
Sky Maze
Type Sky Mazes
Source/Unlock 17 exploration
Normal reward All 7 Dragon Balls

? Battery Packs
Various materials

Raid boost N/A
Raid reward 2200 Relics

Forest of Mystery, is a sky maze that can appear after exploring the sky 17 times.

Overview Edit

Floors: 5
Forest of Mystery presents as a typical maze with no major gimmicks for its completion. However, on the first floor is a Hunter's Certificate, providing benefit to Adventure Titles.

Recommended Build Edit

  • Gumball: Any, though adventure titles get an EP discount
  • Potion: None necessary
  • Artifact: Anything other than ring, otherwise none necessary
  • Soul-Link: Any

Walkthrough Edit

  • Kill the robots quickly, as their attack increases every round.
  • Get stat bonuses from the many trees, check corpses for airship crafting items, battery packs, and such. On the first floor you will also get a Hunter's Certificate.
  • After killing all robots on the floor, inspect the Divine Dragon statue. On floor the first floor, it gives you the Magna Dragon Breath ring that has a chance to cast meteor shower on attack. On each subsequent floor the statue will upgrade the ring to increase that chance. Keep the ring equipped.
  • Boss floor: Eight more robots, plus a boss robot. The ring makes this very easy, just attack the weaker robots first, and meteor shower will spread the damage around.

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