Ferocious Statue Ferocious Statue
Type: Summons
This ferocious chess piece is very mysterious. From the moment it appeared, it has caused a great deal of chaos on the board. No pieces can stop it from swallowing them, as if its existence is to eat. However, its behavior affected the normal entertainment of the gods. One day, just as it suddenly came, it suddenly disappeared...
Use: Summon Ferocious (Valid in the maze, this chess piece will swallow all the other pieces of one's own side and obtain ability depending on the corresponding type of pieces swallowed)
Source(s): Bought in Gods' Chessboard maze

When it is summoned, Ferocious will eat (instantly kill) most chess pieces on the board and acquires their skills. It does not eat any further pieces. The Checkers chess pieces will provide the same effect as the God's Chessboard chess pieces. Ferocious will not eat diamond pieces or Black Chess Bishop Samuel, and eating multiple of the same piece will not improve the associated skill.


  • Sin Claw: Launch an attack each round, 50% chance to cause 200% damage
  • Protection Halo (Queen): When present, damage suffered by Gumball is decreased by 20%
  • Revenge counterattack (Tower): Self-explosion upon death, deals triple Damage to all enemies
  • Pure Aura (Bishop): When present, Gumball ignores enemy's Physical and Spell Resistance +20%
  • Battle Halo (Knight): When present, Yours and Gumball's Dodge is increased by 15%
  • Zeal Aura (Lifeguard): When present, Yours and Gumball's Attack is increased by 20%
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