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The fate pillar allows you to make "chains of fate" with players nearby in the real world (~100 meters?) or your Alliance members, regardless of distance.

FateEnergy.pngThe number of chains you can make is limited by a vigor system. It takes 6 hours to renew one vigor (5 total).

Chains of Fate[]


Chain Coins Gumball 1 Gumball 2
Pyramid Sale 10,000
Forge a sword 10,000
Sword and Spell 10,000
Lightning and Thunder 15,000
Manhunt! 15,000
Punish Evil 15,000
Chess Competition 15,000
Monarchic Hymn 20,000
Paean of the Gods 50,000
Hero Paean 20,000
Hunter I 15,000
Hunter II 15,000
Hunter III 20,000
Medical Science 20,000
Follower 15,000
I, robot 20,000
Mech Champion 30,000
Pet Breeder 20,000
Crime Cracker 30,000
Extraterrestrial Warrior 20,000
Soul Reliquary 20,000
Space-time Traveler 20,000
Les Miserables I 20,000
Overlord 30,000
BOOM 30,000
Resurgent 30,000
Mummy Research 30,000
Jade Carving 50,000
Circus 20,000
Armored Champion 30,000
Octopus 20,000
War Weapon 30,000
Cleric 20,000
One Man Army 20,000
Eastern Mythology 30,000
Eye of Destruction 30,000
Space Time Manipulator 20,000
Plane Source 50,000
Space Traveller 20,000
Anatomist 30,000
Warlock Alliance 30,000
Les Miserables II 10,000
Burrowing Master 20,000
Natural Believer 30,000
Friend of Faerie 15,000
Money Above Everything Else 30,000
Ravager 20,000
Speak Your Wish! 20,000
Training 20,000
Mechanical Expert 30,000
The Fallen 15,000
Master of Physical Attack 20,000
Devil Contract 30,000
One Man Guarding Against All 20,000


Mafia 20,000
Great Route 15,000
Frog? Frog! 20,000
Edge of Fine Silver 20,000
Battle Mech 30,000
Mascot 20,000
Queen's Dignity 15,000
Legendary King 30,000
Burrowing Master II 30,000
One-man Army II 20,000
One-man Army III 30,000
Steel-like Body 20,000
Life Movement 30,000
Protection 30,000
Creature of the Night 15,000
Angry Birds 15,000
Hercules 50,000
Man guards the pass II 20,000
Steel Will 15,000
God of War 30,000
Ragnarok 30,000
Biohazard 30,000
The Walking Dead 30,000
Mischief Will 30,000
Criminal Art 30,000
Half-Snake 30,000
Chinese Four Beauties I 30,000
Chinese Four Beauties II 30,000
Chinese Four Beauties III 30,000
Chinese Four Beauties IV 30,000
Fall in Love at First Sight 30,000
Ragnarok II 30,000


Chain Gems Gumball 1 Gumball 2
Gladiator Competition 1
Jungle Guardian 2
Mysterious Plant I 2
Mysterious Plant II 3
Voyager I 1
Voyager II 1
Godfather I 3
Godfather II 2
Godfather III 1
Godfather IV 1
Godfather V 1
Soldier 3
Special Troops 2
King Kong 3
Father and Son I 3
Lead Actor and Director 2
Honor Among Thieves 1
Flame Affinity 1
Father and Son II 2
Allegiance 3
God's Gift 3
Love Like Fish To Water 2
Affinity Like Snow 2
Best Partners 3
Performer 2
Marionette I 2
Crazy Scientist 2
Marionette II 2
Laskar Jihad 2
For the Tribe 3


Brother 2
Father and Son III 2
Ancient Tree Melody 3
Voice of the Soul 2
Secret of Space-time 3
Mechanical Master 2
Dark Power 2
Blood Brother 2
Mould 2
Martial Arts Extreme 3
Go West for Buddhist Scriptures I 3
Go West for Buddhist Scriptures II 2
Go West for Buddhist Scriptures III 1
Dragon and Phoenix 2
Blushin the Living 3
Breath Holders 3
Explosion Art 3
Unlimeted firepower 2
Stingy 2
Clues 1
Shadow Raven 3
Friend's Book 2


Chain Buff Gumball 1 Gumball 2
Sorcery Legacy Sorcerer: Power+1
Demon Hunter Vampire Hunter: Attack+1
Legacy of the Sea I Kraken Captain: HP+20
Heritage of the Sea II Ghost Captain: MP+20
Heritage of the Sea III Pirate: HP+20
Toxin Research Pharmacist: HP+20
Commander Crusader: HP+20
Heart of Warrior Musashi: Attack+1
Killer Bloody Wolf: Attack+1
Light Faith I Priest: MP+20
Light Faith II Sage: MP+20
Lord of the Underworld Soul Reaper: Attack+1
Flame Legacy Fire Elemental: Power+1
Champion's Legacy Adventurer: Attack+1
Magic Legacy Mage: Power+1
Fighting God's Legacy I Gladiator: HP+20
Dark Faith Fallen Angel: Power+1
Lurker Spy: Attack+1


Soul of Undead Death Knight: Attack+1
Song of the Sea Water Elemental: MP+20
God of Fight's Inheritance Spartan: Attack+1
Sky Guardian Captain: Attack+1
Divination of Life Tarot: Power+1
Road of Music Minstrel: HP+20


Trailer Paparazzi: Attack+1
Thunder Fury Air Elemental : Power+1
Power of Aegis Athena: Power+1
Ascetic Practices Flagellant: HP+20
Pure Soul Galahad: Attack+1
Gigaku Geisha: MP+20
Magic Legacy Magic Boy: Power+1

Arch RivalsFateType5.png[]

Chain Pots Gumball 1 Gumball 2
Nemesis I Gumball Pot x5
Natural Enemy II Golden Pot x2
Light and Dark I Golden Pot x2
Light and Dark II Golden Pot x2
Dragon Slayer Gumball Pot x5
Dawn of Justice Golden Pot x2
Civil War Golden Pot x2
Battle of Twilight Golden Pot x2
Slaughter House Golden Pot x2
Eastern Holy War Golden Pot x2
Creation and Destruction Golden Pot x2
Song of Ice and Fire Gumball Pot x5
Soul Reaping Gumball Pot x5
Arch Rival Golden Pot x2
Exploiter Gumball Pot x5
Undercover Affair Golden Pot x2
Plunder Gumball Pot x5
Prank Arrow Golden Pot x2
Animal Show Golden Pot x2
Blood Clan Nightmare Gumball Pot x5
Magical Battle Golden Pot x2
Cat and Mouse Gumball Pot x5
Seal Golden Pot x2
Natural Enemy III Golden Pot x2
Betrayer Gumball Pot x5
Plants vs. Zombies Bumball Pot x5
Last Stand Golden Pot x2
A Song of Ice and Fire Golden Pot x2
Exploitation and Revolt Golden Pot x2
Chapter of Light and Darkness Golden Pot x2

The LoversFateType4.png[]

Chain Gumball Babies Gumball 1 Gumball 2
Court Ball I MP +20
Court Ball II HP +20
Cursed Love Power+1
Bodyguard Attack +1
Love of Nagas Spell effect +1%
Emperor and Queen 1 extra sign-in reward gem
Summer Sunshine Reduce training room time by 30 minutes
Old Affection Increase score by 2% in settlement (Affect coins and EXP rewards)
Oriental Romance I Damage magic effects +2%
Oriental Romance II Life bottles in maze heal +5%
Childhood Friend Increase score by 2% in settlement (Affect coins and EXP rewards)
Underworld Romance Gumball's Dark Spell effect +3%