Faerie Dragon Faerie Dragon Gold Statue
Trial requirement Faerie Dragon evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

5 Frost Queen Fragments
3 Faerie Dragon Pearls
5 Magic Relics

Pearl Cost

10x Faerie Dragon Pearl
1x Frost Queen Pearl

Statue Cost

20 Holy Crystal
3x Theia (Lv. 240)
2x Mnemosyne (Lv. 300)
3x Hyperion (Lv. 390)

Statue Bonus Attack+1, Power+5

In Sky and Space, Fire+5
Higher Clone Capacity+2

title apprentice 1*, black mage 1*, wizard 1*
  • enter cave
  • cast special skill
  • cast fireball on all pumpkin
  • click whirlpool if it appears OR use bless to waste turn to let burning to damage plague *pumpkin (min 1 whirlpool needed)
  • use normal attack(after bless) to finish off the highest hp mobs
  • talk to fairy to get Necklace
  • use dreamland dust to increase power, leave 2 or 3 dreamland dust for boss
  • up title wizard 3*, fire master 1*

Method 2 Edit

Black Mage 2*, Wizard 1*

-enter cave-

  • Fireball the highest HP pumpkin,
  • fireball the second highest HP pumpkin,
  • Cast Emerald Dream,
  • Fireball the third pumpkin.
  • Fireball the first and second pumpkins again,
  • Bless, finish off with melee attacks
  • Upgrade title wizard 2*, Fire master 1*
  • Use Dreamland Dust to Increase Power (Save three for Boss)

-exit cave-

  • use meteors/fireball until countdown shows 1
  • cast special skill at 1 countdown(dust causes boss to have more spell resistant)
  • use fireball, meteor on boss
  • cast special skill at 1 countdown
  • whirlpool/bless+attack to finish boss

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