Explosive Pumpkin Explosive Pumpkin Gold Statue
Trial requirement Explosive Pumpkin evolved to 5 stars and equipped with a certificate.
Trial reward

3 Explosive Pumpkin Pearls, 5 Demon's Fragment, 1 Energy Crystal of Hyperion (LV.390)

Pearl Cost

10x Explosive Pumpkin Pearl
1x Demon Pearl

Statue Cost

60 Soul Crystal
3x Tethys (Lv. 180)
2x Iapetos (Lv. 330)
3x Hyperion (Lv. 390)

Statue Bonus Attack+2, Power+4

In Sky and Space, Fire+5
Lower Clone Capacity+6

Method 1 Edit

  • S/L 30 or retry required
  • Upgrade title Treasure Seeker 3*, Explorationist 1*, Blacksmith 1*
  • Ignore pedestal and make sure contract is equipped
  • Melee the boss until death for explosion. (20% chance - If you die, SL30/Retry)
  • Interact with pedestal
  • Equip new contract (if it doesn't for some reason)
  • Use one dust
  • Attack a Necromancer to curse it.
  • Melee boss until you die again
  • Repeat dusting and meleeing until he's dead.

Method 2 Edit

Your explosion on death ability by itself doesn't do enough damage to kill the Necromancers. This can lead to you being quickly overwhelmed. If you attack a Necromancer while you are Cursed, they'll still have enough life to survive the explosion. The trick is hitting the boss while making sure the Necromancers get punched when you aren't Cursed, so that your explosion on death kills them all.

  • Titles: 3x Treasure Seeker, 1x Explorationist, 1x Blacksmith. The Anvil from Blacksmith gives Defense, but feel free to take something else if you want.
  • I tried to write out a turn order below, but there's definitely some leeway and I might have made a mistake. Adjust as needed.


  • 1. Sign Contract.
  • 2. Use Dust of Soul.
  • 3-4. Attack Boss twice.
  • 5. Attack Necromancer once.
  • 6-7. Attack Boss twice.
  • 8. Attack the Necromancer with 300 HP once.
  • 9-10. Attack Boss twice.
  • 11. Attack the Necromancer with 300 HP once. Die, explode, and resurrect. Boss had 2004 HP.
  • 12. Use Dust of Soul.
  • 13. Attack Boss once.
  • 14. Attack Necromancer once.
  • 15-16. Attack Boss twice.
  • 17. Attack the Necromancer with 300 HP once.
  • 18-19. Attack Boss twice.
  • 20. Attack the Necromancer with 300 HP once.
  • 21. Attack Boss once. Die, explode, and resurrect. Boss had 1042 HP.
  • 22. Use Dust of Soul.
  • 23. Attack Necromancer once.
  • 24-25. Attack Boss twice.
  • 26. Attack the Necromancer with 300 HP once.
  • 27-28. Attack Boss twice.
  • 29. Attack the Necromancer with 300 HP once.
  • 30. Attack Boss. Die, explode, and resurrect. Boss had 315 HP.

Attack Boss a couple more times to win.

I had 500-ish HP left over at the end. My Explosive Pumpkin had 755 HP and 69 Attack after taking titles and signing the contract.

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