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Explorationist.png Explorationist
Adventure Title
Main Effect Recover HP+6/9/12 each time you enter the next floor.

Grants access to the Explorationist's Compass (spend 50/100/150/etc. EP to find Coins or forging ingredients) Gain 3 uses of the Compass per level.

Bonus Effect HP+20/30/40
EP 200/250/300

Treasure Seeker.png
Night Walker.png
Demon Hunter (Title).png
Rune Master.png
Blacksmith (Title).png
Magic Bandit.png
Elven Ranger.png
Treasure Hunter.png
Royal Rune Master.png
Weapon Master.png
Royal Blacksmith.png
God of Thieves.png
Farplane Ranger.png
Great Elf King.png
Legendary Hunter.png
Holy Rune Master.png
Great Enchanter.png
Great Swordsmith.png
Holy Blacksmith.png