Exoskeleton Armor Exoskeleton Armor
Rank: Variable Type: Armor
This set of scientific and technological exoskeleton armor is the top result of Dhaka Empire in the field of mechanical power. It is made of space alloy (generally used for satellite's shells) and can automatically adjust according to the figure of the user to achieve a perfect fit.
Decrease long-range damage by 5/8/11/14/.../40%

Recover HP +2/4/6/8/.../25 each time you enter the next floor of the Maze
Power Core Upgrades:
Reduces assault damage suffered by 33/66/99%
When using firearm type items, damage caused +33/66/99%

Source(s): Spacecraft Ruins

For the old Bloody Wolf! Cold Killer! Event version of this, lookup Exoskeleton Armor (Event)

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