Once a week - and at random intervals (with a rotation for each area) special time limited events will run for all users. These will generally run for about 7 or more days until they end and return at a later date.

Events have a minimum DP or Sky Energy requirement to enter

Note: A sky event and a merchant/dig event may be active at the same time.

Sky Events Edit

Merchant/Dig Events Edit


Orienteering Events Edit

Discovery events are announced on Facebook, as well as through in-game mail. The goals and rewards may be found through the System Settings tab. Generally there will be 3-5 quests, which reward Gems and Pots.

Special Mazes Edit


Timeline of Special Mazes Edit

2020 Events Edit

  • Oriental Celebration (February)

2019 Events Edit

2018 Events Edit

2017 Events Edit

2016 Events Edit

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