This event is one of the four Airship Gumball Events and combines airship battles and mazes.

Eternal Throne Approach 600
Eternal Throne 1


To have access to this event, you need to have unlocked airships and at least 100k energy. If you meet the requirements and the event is ongoing, your first sky exploration should make you approach the event. After that, you can return to it by clicking on the floating city icon that will appear on your mini-map.

150,000 score rewards are required for the best prize. That means getting 20,000 each day (defeat all enemies) and the 10,000 bonus on the last day for the "ultimate boss".

Some of the previous runs of this event:

  • Autumn 2019 (exact dates?) (Gawaine)
  • May 12, 2019 (Gaheris)
  • November 6, 2018 (Gawaine)
  • September 10 to 17, 2018 (Galahad)
  • July 2018
  • November 3 to 10, 2017
  • September 21 to 28, 2017

Overall info

Defeat the enemy ships for score rewards and badges. Score is used for end of event prizes (Knights of the Round fragments and Eternal Throne (Airship) airship chips). Badges are for purchasing prizes in the badge shop.

150,000 score rewards are required for the best prize. Since the Event always lasts 7 days, getting the max amount means getting 20,000 each day (defeat all enemies) and the 10,000 bonus on the last day for the "ultimate boss".


The event occurs every 2 months (give or take a week or two) and the gumball fragments offered as reward for the score rotate in the order listed above.


Sky Enemies

Maximum 20,000 score rewards per day. Even if you fail to defeat an enemy, you'll get a fraction of its score rewards. It will look like the possible score rewards are decreasing because you've already claimed some of them.

Gumball Score Badges Energy Fire Armor Speed Luck
Gaheris 1000 50 400000 16 24 10 16
Lamorak 1500 50 800000 36 27 35 20
Galahad 2000 50 1500000 45 45 40 40
Gawaine 2500 50 2200000 35 60 48 75
Lancelot 3500 50 3000000 98 88 75 50
King Arthur (Form 1) 4500 50 4000000 105 120 48 88
King Arthur (Form 2) 5000 50 6000000 110 125 58 98
Knights of the Round (final day only) ? 9000000 120 130 60 100

When you defeat a knight, you will either get an extra reward (on top of what is listed above) of 10 badges or be offered the opportunity to follow the defeated knight into a maze for 1 vigor. See below for details.


Once a day, you can ask the Merlyn for an orange rune to be used automatically in your next event fight. You also get one rune when you fail a fight multiple times in raw. The number of fails needed to get a rune vary but it is usually in the range 3 to 5.

Rune Rank Effect
Betray Event4 106px Main cannon might +30%

When main cannon attacks:

  • Enemy's firepower and armor is reduce by 20 points
Demise of the Crown Event4 106px Reduces damage suffered by 10%

When battle begins:

  • Inflicts damage (100% of main cannon, ignores armor)
Sigil of Brilliance Event4 106px Increase all attributes by 20

Increases the chance to trigger Combo Skills by 5%

Sigil of Eternity Event4 106px Main cannon might +30%

When battle commences, 100% chance of activation:

  • the enemy is slowed (lasts for 2 rounds)
Sigil of Holy War Event4 106px Reduces damage suffered by 10%

When Energy falls below 50%:

  • Inflicts damage (50% of our side's total Energy)
Sigil of Wisdom Event4 106px Speed +30, Luck +30

When the round begins, 100% chance of activation:

  • Energy increases (5% of our side's total Energy)


Entering the maze costs 1 vigor. If you fail to complete the maze it will disappear and you will not be able to re-enter it until you defeat that knight again and get offered the chance again. If you have already completed the maze in this or a previous run of the event, you can choose to raid instead of going inside. This would however usually not be a good idea as it won't let you do the side tasks like the lifting of the sword.

Maze Enemies

Enem Skills Extra info
Templar Knight (a)
Templar Knight a
Attack 10, HP 32

Lunge: Launches an attack every 2 rounds dealing 200% damage to enemies

Templar Knight (b)
Templar Knight b
Attack 9, HP 53

Roar: Atack doubles when HP drops below 50%

Thump: May deal double damage when counterattacking.

Stats: 800 HP 34 ATK

Knight's Charge -  Launches an attack every round and have a chance to inflicts double damage on enemies 

Holy War - Attack doubles when hp drop below 50%

Stats: 800 HP 39 ATK

Knight's Charge: Launch an attack every 2 rounds to cause 300% dmg to  enemies

Light of brilliance - Physical resistance 40%  Spell resistance 40%

Stats: 1000 HP 50 ATK

Knight's Charge: Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 200% dmg and remove all positive buffs on enemy.

Heart of Holy Cup - Damage suffered reduced by 30%

Stats: 1000 HP 40 ATK

Knight's Charge: Launch an Attack every 3 rounds dealing Triple damage to the enemy, Burning effect attached (loses HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Power of the Sun: Increase Attack by 10 per round

HP 1000 35 ATK

Knights Charge - Launch an attack every 3 rounds to cause 400% damage to enemies.

Arbitrament - Inflicts bleeding effect on attacker when counterattacking (lose HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds)

Mordred Gumball
ATK 50, HP 800

Knights Charge: Launch attack every 3 turns, dealing 2x damage.

Fatal Blow: Launch attack when dying, deals 3x damage.

Drops Mordred's Scroll (Attack +3 and effect of Blade of Ruin +15% on use)
Merlin Gumball:
ATK 60, HP 600

Magic Flame: Launch attack each round, normal damage + Burn effect (lose HP each round, last for 3 rounds)

Magic Shield: 50% Spell Resistance

Drops Burned Parchment

Various Occurrences

Pillar of Honor (Floor 1-4)


Can be destroyed for a piece of the Knight's Suit or activated (once the floor is cleared) for a Attack +5 boost.

The pillar cannot be targeted directly for attacks or spells.
Ways to destroy it:

Be aware that your effect needs to carry a little bit of punch. Exact damage required is unknown but probably upward of 50.

Pillar of Honor (Last Floor)


Can be destroyed or activated after killing Boss for 1 medal.

If activated while wearing a full Knight's Suit, reward is 5 fragments for the Boss related Gumball. This is replaced by 5 medals if you have already received fragments for this Gumball in this manner or through Raid during this instance of the event.

Be aware that Area of Effect spells will destroy it and so will attacks from summoned allies. You can however freely use the Shadow Warrior title as killing the Boss will not generate a Dark Soul.

Holy Cup

Holy Grail

Unknown use, will reject you and give 1 ATK and 10 HP unless you use the Round Table Gumballs as your main (if you do, you'll get 5 ATK and 50 HP instead).

With Galahad as main, it seems that the presence of the Holy Cup is ensured and Galahad will receive 5 G (once ever). Future runs with Galahad, even in a different instance of the event, will grant instead a treasure slot version of the Holy Cup that gives Attack+10, HP+100 and +20% to all spell effects.

Lake Fairy


Talk to and receive Lake Sword (Treasure slot: attack +10, Hit points +100, When attacking, consumes 30 MP to deal 100% extra damage.)

Sword in the Stone

Sword in the Stone Maze

This is an item that you can 'pull', and will keep the distance you pull between dungeons. The distance you pull corresponds to the amount of attack power you have when you pull. At 300mm the sword will be pulled out of the stone: you receive a sword that installs at the root of the world tree when you exit the maze. This sword reduces the repair cost of artifacts by 5%. Pull distance equals 1 per every 10 attack. The sword will not appear again after you have pulled it from the stone, not even in future instances of the event. The sword can also be pulled directly if you use King Arthur as Main.

Sword in the Stone
Once fully pulled out, you receive a Sword in the Stone that will show up at the bottom of the World Tree.

See also the Maze Tips section.

Strange Room

Strange Room

If you search the Chessboard, you have to fight Mordred Gumball and Merlin Gumball. (Tip: Timestill + Shuriken works well. The two can also be killed with a non-targeting damage skill like Death Ripple before searching the board!)

When you defeated both Mordred and Merlin, search Chessboard again to get Diamond Statue (Use: Gain 2 G) once per event. On subsequent runs get one of the Chess statues like Lifeguard Statue or Statue of the Queen.

Maximisation of the Rewards

Besides everything already explained above, you can get 4 extras medals by having Lamp in the team and use the Magic Carpet on floor 4. This will also give you extra chances of making encounters.

Raid Rewards

On top of the rewards specified in the table below, each raid will also give:

  • 5 fragments or 5 medals. (These are the *same* fragments that you can receive once per event per knight through the pillars)
  • A chance to receive 2 G (These are the *same* 2 gems that you can receive once per event via the chessboard)

All in all, if you already own the Sword in the Stone, raids give as much a reward as a 'basic' maze run without fioritures.

Knight Temple name Rewards
Gaheris Temple of Holy War 3000 Relics, 24 Medals
Lamorak Temple of Brilliance 4000 Relics, 24 Medals
Galahad Eternal Temple 5000 Relics, 23 Medals
Gawaine Temple of Wisom 6000 Relics, 23 Medals
Lancelot Temple of Arbitrament 7000 Relics, 23-24 Medals

Badge Shop

Trade badges for prizes

Item Badges
Gaheris fragment x1 15/20/30*

Lamorak fragment x1

Galahad Fragment x1 15/30*
Gawaine Fragment x1 15
Lancelot Fragment x1 20
King Arthur Fragment x1 30
Eternal Holy Cup 300
Holy Crown 300
Spear of the Knight 300
Relic Fragments Pack 100
Modification Material Pack 100
Battery Pack x1 50
Mysterious Statue x1 2

* Number of badges required to trade changes between events.

Score Rewards

The second event run had Gawaine fragments. The first event run had Galahad fragments.

Rank Score Relic Fragments Modification Material Packs Knight Fragments Eternal Throne chips
1 150,000 150k 15 120 60
2 120,000 120k 14 110 45
3 100,000 100k 13 100 40
4 80,000 80k 12 90 35
5 60,000 60k 11 80 30
6 50,000 50k 10 70 30
7 45,000 45k 9 60 25
8 40,000 40k 8 45 20
9 35,000 35k 7 30 15
10 30,000 30k 6 20 10
11 25,000 25k 5 10
12 20,000 20k 4
13 15,000 15k 3
14 10,000 15k
15 5000 10k


Shop Tips

  • Buying Gaheris and King Arthur first make sense as with them together in a team, Round Table Conference will net you very good Equipment Suits.
  • As you get to the point where you can actually finish some statue, it makes sense to plan ahead and do some maths to avoid ending too often getting 120 Gumball Fragment for a Knight of the Round that you no longer need. To this effect, remember that the rewarded fragments from event to event are in a specific order: 1st is the gumball at top left in the event shop, then bottom left, then top of second column,...

Sky Tips

  • You will get one assistance from Merlin each day, use it wisely!
  • Merlin will also give you a rune after you fail a fight repeatedly (exact number of fails required is randomized, almost always between 2 and 5)
  • You can revive during a fight using gems (3, 6, 9, 12, 15 consecutively).
  • All your Celestial Titles are active. It is therefore best to push your exploration and learn all the titles you can (including Fire Bender and Oracle).

Maze Tips

  • Boss Galahad will dispel buffs but somehow Blue Shark's Crime-Cracker escapes this.
  • Don't bother trying to get VIP gift box (e.g. through a parasite), each VIP gift box gives a disappointing 5 Roasted Meat
  • I found that Blue Shark + Night Knight & a Parasite on a baby with +20/30 Attack & Hand of Balrog (Artifact) works for every maze and works wonders for the Sword in the stone and for the pillars. (Just un-equip the artefact in exchange for the full Knight's Suit before entering floor 5. You might have to do a simple S/L and use a night blade if the Hand didn't proc and you forgot to use a blade on the last foe of a floor)
  • For the Sword in the Stone', Werewolf Potion (used thrice at start of floor) can be useful. Blue Shark with his Sheriff Honor Certificate is also common here and stacks with the Werewolf Potion.
  • Great Elf King works but will not target the pillar. Elf's Arrows simply cannot be used.
  • Easy N00b build, melee main for HP and Atk build. Soul link Warlock for totems, save totems for boss. Game over.
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