A suit that bolsters Attack, Power, HP and MP and (when complete) cast Electrostatic Field for several rounds.

The 4 components of the suit can be found in the Armor Shop, but the parts can also be stolen (by using Bandit Claw or Silver Hand) from the rare Random Encounters (e.g. Crystal Turtle and Mole Miner) or from the BOSS (Mammoth) of the Desert Oasis. It is a rare steal and given the limit on the number of times you can encounter the Boss, a better option would be to search the Equipment Shops with a Merchant with a maximized Exclusive Skill as your leader / soul link.

Full suit effect:

  • Attack+10 Power+10
  • Bring Electrostatic Field in each floor, lasts 30 rounds.
  • If you own Phoenix, every floor provides Timestill, last for -/-/3/4/5 rounds
  • Number of Rounds can be further increased by other Talents and effects.
Name Rank Type Effect
Eternal Crown Eternal Crown 5 Helmet HP+50 MP+30
Eternal Cape Eternal Cape 5 Cloak HP+30 MP+50
Eternal Bracers Eternal Bracers 5 Gloves Attack+5 Power+3
Eternal Orb Eternal Orb 5 Treasure Attack+3 Power+5
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