Ausdiga's Book of Sacrifice Eternal Night Canon
Type: Misc
As a small cult in the Chaos Abyss, The Eternal Night doesn't have many followers. Their God is a lady named Virginia, usually known as the Night Lady. The Eternal Night almost have no standing rules, and Virginia doesn't seem to care about its development. Thousands of years have gone past, and the Eternal Night has only received two oracles: The first one was received when the cult had just formed; the second oracle was received four hundred years ago. At that time, a new God, Aioria had appeared. He claimed to be the God of adventure, wealth, opportunity and... the night. Apparently, his last self-claimed titled touched the baseline of Night Lady Virginia. Hence, Virginia's followers received a long awaited oracle from their god: go forth to the hall at the temple of the Eternal Night and observe Aioria's corpse dripping with golden blood from his body.

[...] (List of all faith rewards: see Bloody Fortress)

No stats.
Source(s): Floor 1 bookshelf in Bloody Fortress
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