Essence of Life Essence of Life
Type: Snowy Mountain Goods
This delicate bottle is engraved with strange spells on the surface and contains emerald green liquids. The energy contained in it is powerful enough to make all living things crazy. This is exactly a dark mage's "masterpiece". In order to pursue the ultimate power and eternal life, he found a way out of ancient books - using the magic bottle to absorb the life essences of enough creatures to complete self-evolution. Since then, Dark Mage began to wander in the plane, killing many creatures and collecting their life essences. But he suddenly disappeared when he was about to complete the collection. No one knew where he had gone and what he had experienced. And the life essences he collected were also missing.
Use: Directly complete World Tree's trial

Obtain 3 World Tree's Pearls
This item must be used in the "Shrine of the Snowy Mountain"

Source(s): 100% completion reward for Space/M01
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