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Type Maze
Source/Unlock Shop
Normal reward Catherine & Raptor gumball
Raid boost N/A
Raid reward Accelerator +1
Gumball Specific Gumball specific infos

Complete this maze to receive Catherine Gumball.

To unlock the Erathia maze, get 12 maze fragments:

  • Complete City of Steam to max dp (4)
  • Alliance shop (2)
  • One from each rift type (4)
  • Celestial shop (2)

Buy from "Shop" in the New Maze in the main world map menu with 100 gems.

Hidden Gumball[]

To obtain Raptor Gumball:


  • You will want to keep a stock of 13 of each engineering component after you pass floor 60.
  • On a floor between 61 and 101 (excluding boss floors), you will find a bird in a cage and a laser gun. Check the bird cage for the number on it. Check the laser, and note down the numbers attached to each component.
  • Enter a combination of materials such that the total sum of numbers of components adds up to the value of the cage.
  • Shoot the cage and free the bird. Talk to the bird to get 10 Raptor Fragments.
  • To get the remaining 10 fragments, put any 1 engineering component into the laser and shoot the bird.

Note: If you input a number greater than the number on the cage, you will kill the bird immediately and only get 10 fragments.

Example: If the cage number is 703, you need 3 Metallurgy Components, 5 Electric Components, 4 Aviation Components, 1 Ancient Component. (3*27 + 5*23 + 4*59 + 1*271 = 703).

Other combinations:

if you want to set up a spreadsheet solver to find the solution yourself

  • 642: 4 Metallurgy Component, 2 Electric Component, 3 Aviation Component, and 1 Ancient Component.
  • 591: 11 Metallurgy Component and 8 Electric Component.
  • 733: 3 Metallurgy Component, 5 Electric Component, 4 Aviation Component, and 1 Ancient Component(Metallurgy components are valued at 37 here instead of the 27 used above for 703)

You can use this tool to display possible solutions:


Regular Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Decour Sniper Mecha


Decour Sniper Mecha.png

Snipe: Launch a long-range attack every 2 rounds, and have a chance to deal triple damage

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

Sakula Heavy Mecha


Sakula Heavy Mecha.png

Defense Force Field: Decrease the damage received by 30%

Reflectivity Force Field: Reflect damage by 50% when under attack
Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +10%, Physical Resistance +50%

May drop 1 Metallurgy Component
Tiga Tactical Mecha


Tiga Tactical Mecha.png

Tactical Command: When present, Attack and HP of companions of different type are doubled.

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

May drop 1 Aviation Component
Adler Disturbance Mecha


Adler Disturbance Mecha.png

Interfere: When present, Gumball's accuracy decreases by 50%

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

May drop 1 Electric Component
Vergil Experimental Mecha


Vergil Experimental Mecha.png

Resonance Test: Increases Attack for each companion that exists, Decrease HP for each companion that dies

Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

May drop 1 Metallurgy Component, 1 Electric Component, 1 Aviation Component or 1 Ancient Component
Savage Strike Mecha


Savage Strike Mecha.png

Surprise Attack: Attack once every 4 rounds, causing 300% damage to enemies

Celerity: High dodge (50%)
Alloy Armor: Spell Resistance +30%, Physical Resistance +30%

Unknown Creature


Unknown Creature.png

Stats and skills cannot be viewed.

30,000 HP and 1,000 Attack
Immune to Earth spells, Fire spells, Light spells, and Dark spells
Spell Resistance +50%, Physical Resistance +50%
BOSS sub-type(ie- half durations)

Met by accessing the F10 Satellite Console

To see more title or gumball-specific monster information, look at Erathia/Specific.

Blue Satellite Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Infuriate: Attack doubles when HP drop below 50%
Demon of Abyss


Demon of Abyss.png

Curse: While countering, inflicts Curse (Decreases Attack for 3 turns)

Spell Forbidden: Forbid the enemy to cast spells for 15 rounds after being killed
Elemental Resistance: Immune to Dark Spells

Evil Lamp Spirit



Soul of Lamp: Chance to drop Golden Lamp Oil after being killed
Rock Golem



Throwing: Launches and attack once every 2 rounds
Skeleton Swordsman



Curse: While countering, inflicts Curse effect (decrease Attack by 50%, lasts for 3 rounds) Appear with Skeleton Warlock
Skeleton Warlock



Death Pact: At the time of death, increase Attack and HP of all visible companions. Appear with Skeleton Swordsman

Green Satellite Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Calamity Pumpkin



Self-explode: Explode after 3 rounds and cause 400% damage



Anti-body: Spell resistance +50%

Thump: Chance to counterattack for 200% damage
Fury: Each time it loses 20% HP, the Attack increases by 20%




Harisenbon: Reflect 100% melee damage back to the attacker when sustaining an attack

Symbiosis: Double HP when Desert Scorpion is present




Roar: Help self and friendly targets increase attack and hp when damaged

Venom: While countering, inflicts Poison effect (loses HP each round, lasts 3 rounds)

Spikey Skeleton



Bone Spur: Reflect 100% melee damage back to the attacker when sustaining an attack

Self-Explosion: Explode after 3 rounds, dealing 400% damage

Red Satellite Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Backstab: Attack once every 4 rounds & cause 300% damage to enemies
Arcane Snail

Beast Class


Magic Counterattack: Launch a counterattack for each spell casted by the enemy



Magic Missiles: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds.

Necormancy: All friendly skeletons present can revive once.

Pea Cannon



Shooting: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds
Wandering Mage



Magic Missiles: Launches a long-range attack every 2 rounds

Yellow Satellite Enemies[]

Enemy Skill Other info
Earth Elemental



Elemental Creature (Earth): Immune to earth spell

Guardian: Resist damage for party members of other type
Spiked Shell: Reflect 30% of damage taken back to the attacker.

Water Elemental



Elemental Creature (Water): Immune to Water spells

Tranquil Rain: Increase the HP of all allies every 2 rounds

Fire Elemental



Elemental Creature (Fire): Immune to Fire spell

Burning: Counter attacks inflicts Burning effect (lose HP each round, lasts 3 round)

Air Elemental



Elemental Creature (Air): Immune to air spells

Dodge: Possess high dodge (25%)

Light Elemental



Elemental Creature (Light): Immune to Light spells

Dark Elemental Symbiosis: Double Attack when Dark Elemental is present

Appear with Dark Elemental
Dark Elemental



Elemental Creature (Dark): Immune to Dark spells

Light Elemental Symbiosis: Double Attack when Light Elemental is present

Appear with Light Elemental

Boss (T-01 Mechanical Commander)[]

T-01 Mechanical Commander.png

Floor Attack HP Physical & Spell
30 23 591 30%
40 47 1,171 30%
50 87 2,261 30%
60 129 4,236 30%
70 238 7,824 30%
80 453 14,214 30%
90 626 ??? 30%
100 30%


  • Strafe: Attacks once every 3 rounds, dealing 300% damage to enemies.
  • Energy Detection Device: When enemy casts any spell, launches a counterattack and deal 30% damage of the said attack.
  • Alloy Armor: Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%.

Four Satellite Terminals - Summon Airship to destroy Satellites. There is a chance a satellite will crash on the boss to cut his health in half.


Threat from the skyline Floors 50 (difficulty 41) - 2 Vigor (Formula for Queen's Blessing)

Lost Erathia Floors 45 (difficulty 40) - 2 Vigor (Formula for Great Mechanic Potion)

Miracle from millennia ago Floors 45 (difficulty 39) - 2 Vigor (Formula for Ancient Secret Medicine)

Go! The ancient city! Floors 40 (difficulty 38) - 2 vigor (Formula for Aeronautics Knowledge Potion)

Maze Occurrences[]

Satellites and Satellite Consoles[]

Many of Erathia's floors are guarded by satellites that attack every 5 turns. To stop the attacks, you have to clear a path to a satellite console, which shows up as a big computer taking 2x2 tiles on the map. The are 4 colours of Consoles, which indicate the type of satellite and the effect of their attacks:

  • Blue Console: Guardian Orbit Satellite, causes damage and inflicts status "Guardian Orbit Satellite" on enemies: +50% Attack and Resistance for 3 rounds.
  • Green Console: Tracker Orbit Satellite, causes damage and inflicts status "Tracker Orbit Satellite" : Attack and Power -50% for 3 rounds
  • Red Console: Annihilator Orbit Satellite, inflicts the most damage. Can creates a Burrow once per maze on the 4th attack it makes.
  • Yellow Console: Law Hunter Orbit Satellite , causes damage and inflicts status "Spell Forbidden" for 3 rounds.

There are two ways to handle Satellites. You can either open a path to the satellite console, teleport inside the satellite and destroy it from within. You can also destroy the satellites using the Summon Airship skill. Both methods will disable the Satellite, and allow you to destroy the Satellite Console for a some Engineering Components or an Interphone Battery. Disabling a Satellite also has a chance of causing a #Crashed Satellite to appear.

Inside Normal Satellites[]

Each satellite consists of a room with 4 enemies, 1 fixture, and a Satellite Core. All enemies must be defeated before you can interact with the fixture and destroy the Satellite Core. Upon destroying the Satellite Core, one will receive 3 of a random Engineering Components, as well as either a Chip, a Research Report or some Incomplete research reports.

The type of Satellite determines the enemies you can find inside, the color of Ancient Technology chips and the type of special reward encounter inside you can find.

Note: The same type of normal satellites can appear multiple times in one run. However, the chip of that satellite can only be obtained once. Subsequent destruction of the core would only give Research Report or Incomplete research report with the Engineering Components.

Chip Enemies Fixture
Abyss Forging Law.png 4x Demon of Abyss Blood Altar:
Blood Altar.png
Free Forging Arts.png 4x Butcher Old Anvil:
Old Anvil.png
  • Can upgrade equipment from a Melee Suit or Mage Suit
Skeletal Analysis and Reinforcement.png 2x Skeleton Warlock, 2x Skeleton Swordsman Skull Altar:
Skull Altar.png
Ultra-High Temperature Smelting Technology.png 4x Evil Lamp Spirit Hell Furnace:
Hell Furnace.png
Rock Mineral Refining Technology.png 4x Rock Golem Rock Pile:
Rock Pile.png

Chip Enemies Fixture
Hardened Skeletal Gene.png 4x Spikey Skeleton Egg of Rahi:
Egg of Rahi.png
  • Destroy Egg: Rahi Gene - attack and power +5
  • Take Egg: Egg of Rahi: 1 level pet (needed for dp quests).
Vision Enhancement Gene.png 4x Cyclops Huge Bones:
Huge Bones.png
Efficient Energy Storage Gene.png 4x Calamity Pumpkin Magic Totem:
Magic Totem.png
Mutated Devil Gene.png 4x Manticore Pile of Bones:
Pile of Bones.png
Pain Control Gene.png 4x Cactus Vine Clump:
Vine Clump.png

Chip Enemies Fixture
Research on Anti-Invisible Materials.png 4x Assassin Bonfire:
Magic Array Energy Structure.png 4x Wandering Mage Elemental Altar:
Desert Altar.png
  • Hold a Ceremony: Spend 10MP to summon genie to grant a wish. 3 options are offered at random:
    • I'm hurt, please help me!: Recover 50 HP
    • Make me more powerful: +10 Dodge
    • Can you help me in battle?: The genie will fight for you (NOT floor limited)
    • I need some Gems!: 5x G, may be limited to 1 time only (very rare)
    • I need lots of Coins!: 100k Coins (very rare)
    • Grant me Supplies!: mostly as in Desert Oasis: Persian Powder, Leather Water Bag, Scorpion Powder, EP
  • Inject Energy: Receive random elemental set item or rank 6 book or piece of Wheel of Fortune Suit.
Soul Material Extraction.png 4x Necromancer Obsidian Casket:
Obsidian Casket.png
  • Random spell scrolls (eg. 3x Lightning Bolts, 1x Electrostatic Field, 1x(?) Disrupting Ray), sometimes also Walnut Wand or Erberry Wand
Mystique Crystal Structure.png 4x Arcane Snail Elemental Heart:
Elemental Heart.png
  • Touch Elemental Heart : +3 Attack, +3 Power or scroll (Hex, Gravity,...)
  • Destroy Elemental Heart: Magic Rune or one of the Super Crystals like Super Air Elemental Crystal (Usable: Effect of all Element spells +3%, receive 3 random Element scrolls. Bonus crystals in other dungeons)
Super Tough Plant Fiber.png 4x Pea Cannon Strange Tree Stump:
Strange Tree Stump.png
  • Rest: Recover HP and MP. Cannot be used after the "Download and destroy" command.

Chip Enemies Fixture
Fire Elemental Energy Analysis.png 4x Fire Elemental Pillar of Fire:
Pillar of Fire - Inactive.png
  • Inject Energy (costs 10 MP): HP & MP +10 to +30; or random minor element-related bonus or scroll.
  • Destroy the Pillar: Magic Rune
Water Elemental Energy Analysis.png 4x Water Elemental Pillar of Water:
Pillar of Water - Inactive.png
  • Inject Energy (costs 10 MP): HP & MP +10 to +30; or random minor element-related bonus or scroll.
  • Destroy the Pillar: Magic Rune
Air Elemental Energy Analysis.png 4x Air Elemental Pillar of Air:
Pillar of Air - Inactive.png
  • Inject Energy (costs 10 MP): HP & MP +10 to +30; or random minor element-related bonus or scroll.
  • Destroy the Pillar: Magic Rune
Earth Elemental Energy Analysis.png 4x Earth Elemental Pillar of Earth:
Pillar of Earth - Inactive.png
  • Inject Energy (costs 10 MP): HP & MP +10 to +30; or random minor element-related bonus or scroll.
  • Destroy the Pillar: Magic Rune
Light Elemental Energy Analysis.png 2x Light Elemental, 2x Dark Elemental Reaction Furnace:
Reaction Furnace.png
  • Aviation Component + 2 Ancient Component
Dark Elemental Energy Analysis.png
Elemental Law Construction.png

Satellite Air Combat[]

If you use the Summon Airship skill against a Satellite, the air combat will take place in 2 phases, first against the Satellite, then against the floor. You won't be able to enter the Satellite using this method, but it guarantees that a #Crashed Satellite will appear.

Unknown Satellite[]

Appears as a red Satellite Console with no countdown. Upon teleporting in, you will see Dr. Strange. Talk to him to receive 1 of 4 one-time quests, as well as a Transmitter with 4 charges that you use to transport back to the satellite. For all 4 quests, he asks for 5 of a type of Satellite Fragments. These are are obtained from looting Crashed Satellites when you have the respective Research on type of Satellite in the Aerospace Tab of the Engineering Manual maxed. These four quests can be done over multiple maze runs, but have to be done in the order requested. Each time a quest is completed, he gives a boost to your airship's combat abilities for the run. Once all 4 quests are completed, you will be able to perform Research on Orbit Satellite in Ancient Relics, allowing you to build the Orbit Satellite airship.

After the one-time quests are completed, you can talk to Dr. Strange once more or in future runs to get a boost of +10 to all Airship stats for the current run. Dr. Strange will be unwilling to talk to you after that. You are free to destroy the Satellite Core and the Satellite Console of the Unknown Satellite afterwards for some Engineering Components.

Unknown Creature's Satellite[]

Unknown Creature.png

"The character and strength of this creature are far beyond what you can understand. The only thing that can be identified is that is maker (or summoner) comes from a world of higher dimension. Its technology or energy is much stronger than your plane. However, judging from the surrounding environment, this creature killed this group of people and got free..."

In every Endless maze run, on the F10, a damaged Red Satellite Console will spawn. This particular Satellite contains the Unknown Creature. This particular console will remain on F10 if you backtrack back to it using a Portal of Earth. This allows you to challenge the Unknown Creature when you are ready.

The Unknown Creature's stats and skills cannot be viewed. However, the following details have been found out by players:

  • 30,000 HP and 1,000 Attack
  • 3 turn timer with a Corrode effect
  • BOSS sub-type (Halved durations for control spells like Timestill)
  • Physical Resistance +50% and Spell Resistance +50%
  • Immune to Fire, Earth, Light and Dark spells

See Quests / DP for tips on how to defeat it.

Other Occurrences[]

Ancient Magic Array[]

  • Activate: Either zaps you for damage or increases a random stat. Can still Destroy after activation.
  • Destroy: Destroy the Array for 3 Metallurgy Component


A Burrow is created once per run when you allow a Red Satellite to fire 4 times on the same floor. Entering the Burrow will deal your max HP-1 damage to you, which will bypass Ice Shield and Aurora Barrier. Thus, it is recommended to make sure you are at max HP or have casted Holy Rebirth. Don't forget to destroy the red satellite after it makes the burrow! :o

The Safe at the bottom of the Burrow can be opened using the code 514326. It gives a Decour Chip and sometimes 3 Gem. You can construct the Decour Robot using Decour Chip and 3 Ancient Components in the Aeronautics Tab of the Engineering Manual. The first construction will give you a Decour Robot as an out-of-maze reward. Subsequent constructions will give you a Decour ally. The Decour robot is upgraded when Decour ally is credited with 200/300/400 kills (carry over to the next maze run).

The Decour ally stats and abilities is independent of gumball stats and maze floor. Its stats is only affected by its energy absorption level (Amount of kills: 200,300 and 400), so for easier farming, summon the Decour ally at a low floor (via PoE) when you have high defense to allow Decour to survive longer.

Crashed Airship[]

In the Crashed Airship, you will find enemies and one or two corpses (See corpse section).

Crashed Satellite[]

Loot for Airship material or Engineering Components. When the Aerospace manual upgrade for that Satellite is fully upgraded, can receive Satellite Fragment (+1 to airship stat for maze). Collect 5 fragments each for Dr Strange in the #Unknown Satellite.

The fragments are Law Hunter Orbit Satellite's Fragment, Annihilator Satellite's Fragment, Guardian Satellite's Fragment, Tracker Satellite Fragment.

Electrical Apparatus[]

Increase all exposed enemy mechanical creatures health every 3 turns. It can be destroyed for 3 Electrical Components and possibly 1 Opticus once you reach it.

Types of Opticus:

  • Red - Randomly Enhance one attribute + Electrical Science Knowledge (Equivalent Circuit Model) provides: Obtain 100-200 EP at random
  • Blue - Cast Electrostatic Field (Valid in target floor) + Electrical Science Knowledge (Magnetic Field Generator) provides: Effect of Electrostatic Field +1%
  • Green - Cast Chain Lightning + Electrical Science Knowledge (High-voltage Shock Device) provides: Effect of Chain Lightning spell +1%
  • Black - Cast Timestill + Electrical Science Knowledge (Malcolm Superconducting Material) provides - Effects of all support spells +3%
  • Brown - Cast Portal of Earth + Electrical Science Knowledge (Kubrick Energy Coil) provides - Effect of all damage spells +3%
  • Purple - Increase effects of all Spells by 3% + Electrical Science Knowledge (Diana Crystal Semiconductor) provides - Effects of all Healing spells +3%

Explorer Shop[]

For sale:


Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Researcher's Remains (Multiple)
Researcher's Remains.png
Engineering Manual and 3 of each normal Engineering Components (on F1) Researcher's Soul: Obtain 5 of each normal Engineering Components
Random Engineering Components Broken Soul: Gain 50 EP
Robot's Remains (1x)
Robot's Wreckage - Baymax.png
Medical Health Chip Mr. White's Memory Fragment: Obtain 1 Destroyer Chip: All damage spells 5%; doubled with Machine Herald or Terminator.
Karate Chip
Driver's Remains (Multiple)
Driver's Remains med.png
Ancient Component or Regular Components Broken Driver's soul: Recover 3% airship energy.

or Complete Driver's soul:Recover 5% airship energy and gain 1 Aviation Component.

Raccoon's Remains (1x)
Raccoon's Remains.png
Biological Gene 89P Raccoon's Soul: Biological Gene 89P, switch effects
Strange Remains (1x)
Strange Remains - Selendis.png
Memory Crystal Selendis' Soul: Memory Crystal, switch effects
Monkey's Remains (3x, F10 satellite)
Monkey's Remains.png
In total: Holland Hereditary Algorithm , Steam Revolution, Aerospace and Aviation, Electric Weekly, 3 random Opticus Monkey's Memory Fragment: +3% to all spell effects, upgrade 1 random Ancient Technology. (3x)

There are 3 pairs of mutually exclusive Soldier's Remains. Each pair will show up together in a Crashed Airship, and meeting one pair means you will not see the other 2 pairs for the run.

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Soldier's Remains (Bill) (1x)
Soldier's Remains - Bill.png
Machine Gun H

and 3x Gold Eagle Medals

Bill's Soul: Obtain 30 Gold Eagle Medals
Soldier's Remains (Reims) (1x)
Soldier's Remains - Reim.png
Shoulder Rocket Launcher Reims' Soul: Recover 100% airship energy, +5 fire.

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Soldier's Remains (Mark) (1x)
Soldier's Remains - Mark.png
High-speed Shotgun S

and 4 x Warhead Medals

Mark's Soul: Obtain 30 Warhead Medals
Soldier's Remains (Tarma) (1x)
Soldier's Remains - Tarma.png
Laser Launcher L

and 5 x Warhead Medals

Tarma's Soul: Recover 100% Airship Energy, Airship Armor +5

Corpse Regular Loot Farplane Ranger loot
Soldier's Remains (Clark) (1x)
Soldier's Remains - Clark.png
Back Wrestling's Quintessence Clark's Soul: Suplex Quintessence, switch effects. Learn Machine gun Fist spell.
Soldier's Remains (Ralph) (1x)
Soldier's Remains - Ralph.png
Boxing's Quintessence Ralph's Soul: Boxing Quintessence, switch effects. +2 attack, HP +40. Cosmic Phantom spell


Ally Skills and Stats Extra info
Decour Attack : 45/60/75/90 ; HP 900/1200/1500/1800

Snipe: Launch an attack every 3 rounds, 40/60/80/100% chance to deal triple damage.

Anti-satellite Device: When encountering satellite, 40/60/80/100% chance to detain it (lasts for 1/ round)

Aerospace Armor: Decrease damage suffered by 10/15/20/25%, and immune to reflected damage

Energy Absorption (Lv 1/2/3): For every 200/300/400 enemies killed by Decour, Decour's level is increased. (Doesn't show if Decour is already level 4)

Source: See Burrow

Scope: Valid in maze
Kills and level are kept for the next maze run.

Clay Puppet Attack = inherits 50% of Gumball's Attack (buffs included)

HP = inherits 50% of Gumball's HP

Throw Clay: Launches an attack each round

Source: Clay Statue

Scope: Valid in target floor

Genie Attack = ? HP = ?

Thrash: Chance to bring Curse of Collapse while attacking (Decreases Attack or increases the damage suffered, lasts 3 rounds)

Source: Elemental Altar

Scope : Valid in maze

Spikey Skeleton Attack = inherits 75% of Gumball's Attack (buffs included)

HP = inherits 30% of Gumball's HP

Paw Strike: Launches an attack each round

Self-explosion: Self-explosion upon death, deal quadruple damage to all enemies.

Source: Egg of Rahi

Scope: Valid in target floor

Alien Creature
Alien (Clone).png
Attack and HP based on Floor:

  • Floor 13: Attack 16, HP 81
  • Floor 52: Attack 70, HP 380
  • Floor 121: Attack 999, HP 9999

Strong Acid: Inflict Corrosion effect on attacker after sustaining an attack (Halves attack and reduces HP each round, lasts for 3 rounds.)

Mucus Skin: Immune to Reflect Damage

Source: Complete Alien Spawn (with GoT)

Scope: Valid in maze

Out of Maze Loot[]

For raid results, see Bandit's Raid#Result Table

Engineering Manual[]

Like Avalon Fortress and City of Steam, Erathia uses an Engineering Manual to provide substantial equipment and ability upgrades, combining the Steam Power and Electric Age suits from the previous mazes with its own Aerospace upgrades and a new Ancient Technology page.

Each of the 4 tabs require different items to upgrade:

For full details, see Engineering Manual (Erathia).

Ancient Technology Tab[]

Rather than giving predefined upgrades like other pages, Ancient Technology has "slots" that accept chips with varying effects. Four standard chips of each color (red, blue, green, and yellow) may be equipped, and once four standard chips of a color are equipped and advanced chip of that color may be equipped. You use Incomplete research reports and Ancient Components to upgrade standard chips (3 levels) and Research Reports and Ancient Components to upgrade advanced chips (5 levels).

Once equipped, chips may not be removed or overwritten for that run. If extra chips are used, they will instead award 100 EP for standard and 200 EP for advanced.

Chip Source Stats
Free Forging Arts.png Blue Satellite Free Forging Arts

Defense +1/2/3 for every steam power equipment worn.

Radial Forging Technology.png Shop Radial Forging Technology

Max Dodge +1/2/3% for every steam power equipment worn.

Rock Mineral Refining Technology.png Blue Satellite Rock Mineral Refining Technology

Damage reduction +1/2/3% for every steam power equipment worn.

Skeletal Analysis and Reinforcement.png Blue Satellite Skeletal Analysis and Reinforcement

Attack +1/2/3 for every steam power equipment worn.

Ultrasonic Quenching Technology.png Shop Ultrasonic Quenching Technology

For every steam power equipment worn, Engineering component drop probability +3/6/9%

Ultra-High Temperature Smelting Technology.png Blue Satellite Ultra-High Temperature Smelting Technology

For every steam power equipment worn, reduce long range Damage suffered by 1/2/3%

Abyss Forging Law.png Blue Satellite Abyss Forging Law

When wearing the full set of Steam Power Equipment, Attack+4/8/12/16/20%, ignore enemy's Physical Resistance +4/8/12/16/20%

Astana Electric Furnace Metallurgy.png Shop Astana Electric Furnace Metallurgy

When wearing the full set of steam power equipment, 2/4/6/8/10% chance of immunity against all Damage

Chip Source Stats
Efficient Energy Storage Gene.png Green Satellite Efficient Energy Storage

Attack and Power +2/4/6, HP and MP +10/20/30

Hardened Skeletal Gene.png Green Satellite Hardened Skeletal Gene

Attack +2/4/6 and Ignore Enemy Physical Resistance +3/6/9%.

Muscle Enhancement Gene.png Shop Muscle Enhancement Gene

Enhance Attack by 2/4/6 point and when attacking, chance to instantly kill the enemy by 2/4/6%

Neuron Enhancement Gene.png Shop Neuron Enhancement Gene

Dodge increased by 3%/6%/9% and decrease Interfere effect by 33/66/100%

Pain Control Gene.png Green Satellite Pain Control Gene

Defense +1/2/3 and reduce Reflect Damage by 25/50/75%

Vision Enhancement Gene.png Green Satellite Vision Enhancement Gene

HP +20/40/60 and +3/6/9% to detect location of key on each floor

High Elf Genome.png Shop High Elf Genome

Attack and Power +2/4/6/8/10% and when entering next floor, recover HP +1/2/3/4/5%

Mutated Devil Gene.png Green Satellite Mutated Devil Gene

For each 20% HP below Max HP you are, temporarily increase attack 1/2/3/4/5%. When attacking, 1/2/3/4/5% of not being counterattacked

T-01 Energy Core.png Defeat Unknown Creature T-01 Energy Core

Unlock rank 1/2/3/4/5 "Mechanical" Title.

Chip Source Stats
Controllable Fusion Energy.png Shop Controllable Fusion Energy

For every Electrical Science equipment worn, Damage of all advanced level spells +3/6/9%

High Power Energy Storage System.png Shop High Power Energy Storage System

For every Electrical Science equipment worn, Power +1/2/3

Magic Array Energy Structure.png Red Satellite Magic Array Energy Structure

For every Electrical Science equipment worn, effects of all Support Spells +2/4/6%

Mystique Crystal Structure.png Red Satellite Mystique Crystal Structure

For every Electrical Science equipment worn, effects of all Damage spells +2/4/6%

Research on Anti-Invisible Materials.png Red Satellite Research on Anti-Invisible Materials

For every Electrical Science equipment worn, ignore enemy's Dodge by +3/6/9%

Super Tough Plant Fiber.png Red Satellite Super Tough Plant Fiber

For every Electrical Science equipment worn, effects of all Healing Spells +2/4/6%

Holland Hereditary Algorithm.png Defeat Unknown Creature Holland Hereditary Algorithm

When Gumball dies, increase 3/6/9/12/15 points of attribute at random.

Phoenix Electronic Chip.png Shop Phoenix Electronic Chip

When wearing any "Electrical Science equipment", effects of all spells +6/12/18/24/30%

Soul Material Extraction.png Red Satellite Soul Material Extraction

When wearing the full set of Electrical Science equipment, Power +4/8/12/16/20%, ignore enemy's Spell Resistance +4/8/12/16/20%

Chip Source Stats
Fire Elemental Energy Analysis.png Yellow Satellite Fire Elemental Energy Analysis

Attack +2/4/6/; Increase the effect of all Fire spells by 5/10/15%

Water Elemental Energy Analysis.png Yellow Satellite Water Elemental Energy Analysis

MP increase by 20/40/60 and Increase the effect of all Water spells by 5/10/15%

Air Elemental Energy Analysis.png Yellow Satellite Air Elemental Energy Analysis

Increase Power by 2/4/6 and Increase the effect of all Air spells by 5/10/15%

Earth Elemental Energy Analysis.png Yellow Satellite Earth Elemental Energy Analysis

Defense +2/4/6; Increase the effect of all Earth spells by 5/10/15%

Light Elemental Energy Analysis.png Yellow Satellite Light Elemental Energy Analysis

HP +20/40/60 and increase all light spells by 5/10/15%

Dark Elemental Energy Analysis.png Yellow Satellite Dark Elemental Energy Analysis

Ignore spell resistance 3/6/9% and increase all dark spells by 5/10/15%

Elemental Energy Conversion.png Shop Elemental Energy Conversion

All Gumball's Skills and energy accumulation speed +10/20/30/40/50% (Limited to ACTIVE skills)

Elemental Law Construction.png Yellow Satellite Elemental Law Construction

Effects of all spells +3%; When upgrading Magic Title, 10% chance to increase Power by 2 points

Quests / DP[]

Description DP Notes
S Obtain Warhead Medal 30/30 2 Loot from Soldier's Remains (Mark) or Soldier's Remains (Tarma); get all 30 at once from Soldier's Remains (Mark) if you have Farplane Ranger (lantern). This is from the 2nd pair of mutually exclusive Soldier's Remains in #Corpses.
S Obtain Gold Eagle Medal 30/30 2 Loot from Soldier's Remains (Bill); get all 30 at once if you have Farplane Ranger (lantern). This is from the 1st pair of mutually exclusive Soldier's Remains in #Corpses.
S Obtain Boxing's Quintessence 2 Loot from Soldier's Remains (Ralph). This is from the 3rd pair of mutually exclusive Soldier's Remains in #Corpses.
S Obtain Medical Health Chip 2 Loot from Robot's Remains (White), exclusive with Karate Chip from the same remains.
S Obtain Bio Gene 89P 3/3 2 Loot From Raccoon's Remains
S Obtain Memory Crystal 3/3 2 Loot from Strange Remains
Obtain all types of Opticus 2 Destroy Electrical Apparatus for random Opticus. There are 6 types of Opticus. You can use the Opticus.
Use Clay Statue 3/3 2 Find in Satellites by searching Rock Pile
Use Egg of Rahi 3/3 2 Find in Satellites (use 'take egg')
Use candle 3/3 2 Find in Satellites by searching skull piles near undead.
Use Soul Trapping Skull 3/3 2 Find in Satellites by searching on skull piles near giants.
Use "Aerospace and Aviation" 10/10 2 Buy from the shops (600 EP each)
Use "Electric Weekly" 10/10 2 Buy from the shops (600 EP each)
Use "Steam Revolution" 10/10 2 Buy from the shops (600 EP each)
Kill an enemy using Laser Launcher L 9/9 2

Loot from soldier's remains (Tarma) This is from the 2nd pair of mutually exclusive Soldier's Remains in #Corpses.

Kill Tiga Tactical Mecha 200/200 1
Kill Vergil Experimental Mecha 200/200 1
Kill Adler Disturbance Mecha 200/200 1
Kill Sakula Heavy Mecha 150/150 1
Kill Savage Strike Mecha 150/150 1
Kill Decour Sniper Mecha 150/150 1
Kill an unknown creature for the first time 2 Only appears in Endless. Level up both suits to max, PoE back to F10, use Timestop+BoR and beat it to death. Roughly ~40K HP and 1000 attack. Will definitely counter-attack if you target it with attacks or spells (including with BoR active).

The creature is immune to Fire and Dark spells. Use Stoneskin to resist the 3 round attack and Divine Favor or higher curative spell to negate it's corrode effect.

The creature have an attack timer of 3 (similar to most boss) which is hidden, so if you time the icicle correctly, you can stun the creature for 2 attack cycle with 1 spell.

First Kill BOSS 3
Kill BOSS 5/5 3
Kill BOSS without destroying satellite 3 BoR on F30 boss will do it easy. Also, can only be done in endless.

A dragon wish to be stronger can get this easily on early floor in story mode.

S Reach floor 70 2
S Reach floor 80 3
S Reach floor 90 3
S Reach floor 30 without destroying satellite 2 Use 3-Eye King's dog to key-hunt your way down. Can use S/L 30 to reset to floor without satellite.
S Reach floor 50 without enhancing the Engineering Manual 2 Just don't loot it in the first place; good to do this and above quest in same run. Note: You cannot get Engineering Manual later by using PoE back to F1.
Buy items in the Explorer Shop 100/100 2
Clean up the crashed airship 30/30 2
Destroy the satellite with an airship 50/50 3
Destroy the Satellite Energy Core 100/100 3
Destroy the Electrical Apparatus 30/30 2
Activate the Ancient Magic array 30/30 1
Enhance Engineering Manual to Max Level 3 Go full Planar Prophet, it's the only way.
Obtain hidden Gumball 5

Title specific loot[]

For items available here through the God of Thieves title, see here.

For souls available here using the Farplane's Bow and Farplane Arrow, see here.

Gumball specific info[]

See Erathia/Specific


  • Talking to Dr. Strange to upgrade your ship and also picking up the Decour chip will NOT stop you from completing the Level 50 with no upgrade quest. Summoning the Decour robot "may", as it requires a fragment payment.
  • Do NOT destroy the satellite core in Dr Strange's satellite before finishing all his quests. It would prevent you from using the Transmitter to return to him.
  • Summoning the Airship to destroy satellites or to clear tiles saves the level and prevents S/L30 from generating a new level. If hunting for the Robot's Wreckage Medical Chip quest drop it is therefore advisable to manually clear the tiles or use Earthquake.
  • The Robot's Wreckage versions (Karate Chip vs Medical Chip) are exclusive; only one may be found per dungeon run. The Raccoon Remains and Strange Remains are *not* exclusive and may be found in the same run. The Soldier's Remains are all exclusive; only one version may be looted per run. S/L30 accordingly.
  • There are limited ways to counteract the loss of accuracy inflicted by the Interfere effect. Ways to increase accuracy or ignore Interfere include: Vosebarker's Reality Lens, Sorehead Knight and green chip Neuron Enhancement Gene.
  • To prevent Reflect damage, Cactus Juice or gumballs (Cactus or Parasite with Cactus Baby) is recommended. Pain Control Gene can only give you up to 75% reflection damage reduction.
  • The boss' Energy Detection Device (30% attack's damage when a spell is casted) does not trigger upon use of Timestill or Hex, so alternate between these two to buy turns to use spells without getting damaged. Note that items that cast spells and active skills like High Priest's Grand Prophecy or Dragon Magic also does not trigger Energy Detection Device.
  • Great Detective's Exclusive Skill "Clues" can find a secret cache in a cave once per maze containing one each of the magazines required for the quest.

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Unknown creature - Satellite inside view

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