Suits of equipment provide an effect bonus when the whole set is equipped.

General Treasure SuitsEdit

This suits have a chance to appear in any maze as loot or purchased in the equipment shop. There are four Honor Quests that can be completed by finding these suits.

Battle Suits - Suits that enhance your Attack and HP. Collect a full set and get an auto-cast spell buff for the first 10 rounds of each Maze floor.

The Smuggler's Tent in Pirate's Port can potentially sell an entire suit for EP. There is also a Smithy that randomly appears in this maze allowing you to upgrade a lower-grade suit to a higher grade suit.

Magic Suits - Suits that enhance your Power and MP. Collect a full suit and receive free spell scrolls when you enter a new Maze floor.

As with the Battle Suits, the Smuggler's Tent in Pirate's Port can make acquiring the suits fairly easy.

Element Suits - Suits that enhance your Elemental casting.

The Magic Workshop in Saint's Tower allows you to upgrade pieces of these suits one star rank at a time. Visiting this stage with a Magic type Gumball to acquire the Planar Prophet title can increase your odds of completing a suit.

Special Suits - Suits that have a variety of benefits

Dragon Wish SuitsEdit

Collect the dragon balls and wish "I want the most cruel equipment!". The base suits can be upgrades for better stats.

Maze Based SuitsEdit

These suits can only be obtained in a few specific mazes.

Some of the suits below also have a small chance to be completed in mazes that reuse monsters from other mazes like, for instance, Erathia does in its satellites. In general, however, they are only useful and reasonably obtained in the mazes listed below.

Suit Maze Notes
Origin of Calamity Bloody Fortress
Lich's Will Bloody Fortress
Demon's Hug Bloody Fortress and Hell Frontier
Burst Spike Bloody Fortress
Ancient Calling Bloody Fortress
Realm of the Dead Bloody Fortress
Fire of Chaos Bloody Fortress
Dark Furnace Borderland
Bull Demon King Borderland Cannot be completed. For parts, use Farplane's Lantern on Wirt
Super Plumber Forest of Whispers
Cinderella's Dress Saint's Tower Found in the store
Steam Power Avalon Fortress and Erathia
Electric Age City of Steam and Erathia
King Arthur Avalon Fortress
Light Sacred Artifact Hell Frontier
Dark Sacred Artifact Hell Frontier
Hikaru Gods' Chessboard Obtained by sacrificing chess pieces in the forge
Genie's Call Desert Oasis Obtained from genie's wishes
Momotaro (Suit) Cloud Island
Driver (Suit) Eden's Land Bought from the shop
Magic Ware Chaos Abyss

Event only:

Gumball Specific SuitsEdit

Suit Gumball Notes
Mr. Wolf's Camouflage Red Hood Dropped by Mr. Wolf
Starmoon's Power Starmoon Scholar
Warrior's Will Duelist
Pirate Suit Pirate Pirate must be main (Must have built pirate's statue)
Genie's Call Lamp Obtained through genie's wishes
Future Technology Future Cat Randomly dropped by future cat's bag
Housemaid Suit Chuchu Dropped by the zombie children
Camouflage Ripper

Combined Condition SuitsEdit

These suits can only be obtained by a conjunction of factors.