Engineering Manual

This shows the various knowledge that can be earned in City of Steam Maze runs via the Engineering Manual. Note that this is different from the Engineering Manual (Avalon Fortress) in Avalon Fortress or the Engineering Manual (Erathia) in Erathia

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Mechanics Map Edit

#Mechanical Spider Manufacturing#Magic Cannon Carrying#Reloading Structural Information#Precise Mechanical Arm Manufacturing#Alex Power Furnace#Retrofit of Inner Chamber Structure#Patrick Release Bearing#Alloy Saw Web Manufacturing#Automatic Sensor#Future Cat's Dynamic System#Bracket Armor Enhancement#Fire Control System Enhancement#Randolph Preparation Technology#Aloys Power CoreCity of Steam - Mechanics

Electricity Map Edit

See Engineering Manual (Erathia)#Electrical Science

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Mechanics Edit

Mechanical Spider ManufacturingEdit

Create 1 "Mechanical Spider" ally. Consumes 3x Mechanical Component

Magic Cannon CarryingEdit

Spider: Magic Cannon skill level 1/2/3

Reloading Structural InformationEdit

Spider: Magic Cannon cooldown -2/4/6 rounds

Alex Power FurnaceEdit

Spider: Magic Cannon, Spurting damage + 10/20/30/40/50%

Boosted Items :

Retrofit of Inner Chamber StructureEdit

Spider: Magic Cannon, spurt extra enemy by 1/2/3

Boosted Items :

Precise Mechanical Arm ManufacturingEdit

Spider: Regular attack cooldown -1/2/3 rounds

Boosted Items:

Patrick Release BearingEdit

Spider: Chances to avoid counterattack +10/20/30/40/50%

Boosted items:

Alloy Saw Web ManufacturingEdit

Spider: Chances to deal double damage when attacking +20/40/60

Boosted Items:

Automatic SensorEdit

Gumball Attack, HP, Power, MP + ( Spider stats x 5%/10%/15%)

Boosted Items:

Bracket Armor EnhancementEdit

Spider : Attack + 10/20/30

Randolph Preparation TechnologyEdit


  • Attack + ( Floor * 30%/60%/90%/120%/150% )
  • HP + ( Floor * 1/2/3/4/5 )

Boosted Items :

Future Cat's Dynamic SystemEdit

Fire Control System EnhancementEdit

Spider: Power +10/20/30

Boosted Items:

Aloys Power CoreEdit


  • Power + ( Floor * 20%/40%/60%/80%/100% )
  • MP + ( Floor * 40%/80%/120%/160%/200% )

Boosted Items:

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