The Energy Hall is actually 3 separate locations in Eden with a common interface. Each Energy Hall passively produce one of Eden base Goods.


The Energy Hall proper can be accessed once at least one of the 3 Energy Halls has been fully repaired. The repairs themselves can be started once the corresponding Eden Maze has been completed.


Once fully repaired, each energy hall produces some ressources:

Research can be done at the Tech Hall to improve the max storage capacity, as well as increase the gains per minute.


Energy Hall Interface

Energy Hall Interface with only Hall No. 1 fully repaired

The interface is very simple, it shows the current production levels for the 3 resources and the maximum amount that can be stocked. It also provides a shortcut button to the related researches at the Tech Hall.


Energy Hall Gallery
Energy Hall 3 & 1 - Outside view - Repaired

Halls 3 et 1 repaired

Energy Hall 3 & 1 - Outside view - Broken

Halls 3 et 1 broken

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