EnergyCrystalEnergy crystals are primarily obtained from Sky Colossus battles and as rewards for Sky Mazes. The crystals and their associated sky colossus encounter levels are below. The higher the level the more crystals obtainable per encounter.

Crystals per encounter :

  • Lowest level (α colossus): 0-1 crystal. Always 1 with maxed Medal of Scholar
  • 2nd level (β colossus): 1-2 crystals
  • 3rd level (γ colossus): 2 crystals
  • 4th level (δ colossus): ??

Crystals for 2nd level and forward are assuming Medal of Scholar is maxed.

Crystal Rank Exploration Levels
Energy Crystal of Adanos 1 30,480,930,1380
Energy Crystal of Ostarsos 1 60,510,960,1410
Energy Crystal of Andrass 1 90,540,990,1440
Energy Crystal of Olin Bloss 1 120,570,1020,1470
Energy Crystal of Dionie 1 150,600,1050,1500
Energy Crystal of Tethys 2 180,630,1080,1530
Energy Crystal of Oceanus 2 210,660,1110,1560
Energy Crystal of Theia 2 240,690,1140,1590
Energy Crystal of Koios 2 270,720,1170,1620
Energy Crystal of Mnemosyne 2 300,750,1200,1650
Energy Crystal of Iapetos 3 330,780,1230,1680
Energy Crystal of Phoebe 3 360,810,1260,1710
Energy Crystal of Hyperion 3 390,840,1290,1740
Energy Crystal of Themis 3 420,870,1320,1770
Energy Crystal of Kreios 3 450,900,1350,1800

Unsorted Energy crystals Edit

No longer dropping (don't show any source in their tooltip):

Uses Edit

Energy Crystals may be used in the Fane Expansion to construct statues, or to research the Behemoth Airship

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