Energy Cog Energy Cog
Type: Consumable
The surface of the gear is plated with a layer of light blue halo, which signifies energy overfall. When you tightly hold the gear, it will slightly rise and fall, and then the energy flows into your body.
Use: Based on Machinist Gumball's skill, obtain a special effect (Effective on this floor)[notes 1]

"Mechanical Research Lv. 1" Attack +10%
"Mechanical Research Lv. 2" Power +10%
"Mechanical Research Lv. 3" Recover 10% HP
"Mechanical Research Lv. 4" Recover 10% MP
"Mechanical Research Lv. 5" All spell effects +20%

City of Steam Upgrade: Mechanics Knowledge (Aloys Power Core) provides: All spell effects +1% (valid in maze)
Source(s): Carried by Machinist Gumball


  1. This buff does *not* use the standard buff slot and therefore can be combined with spells like Bless or Stoneskin
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