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Elula's surface


This is the capital planet of Space/M03

Reputation rewards[]

At a certain number of Friendliness you will get additional rewards:

Special Places[]

Exploration will unlock more "special place" interactions.

Exp Place Unlocks Lore
0 Heart of Twilight
Elula - Heart of Twilight.png
Ah! Who are you? Can you talk? From the alien planet? The name of this place is really strange, I have never heard of it. With twilight above, I didn't expect such creatures to live outside of our territory. But I still welcome you, but don't do anything weird. Recently, the tribe is not very peaceful.
  • Opens Dusk City
There is a huge tribe living on a mountain of Elula. They live a very primitive life, devoutly worship the empty gods, and attribute the products of all unknown civilizations to the greatness of the Twilight God.
15 Holy Mountain Sacrificial Site Accessible after main quest progress in Biological Cloning plant
0 Dusk City
Elula - Dusk City.png
Dusk City is a transit place between several tribes, mainly responsible for the exchange and transportation of materials within the Twilight forces.
0 Twilight Fortress
15 Biological Cloning Plant
Elula - Biological Cloning Plant.png
Hire Thunderjaw, Manufacture Thunderjaw Gene
50 Ancient Shelter
? Sunset Place Stop Fury AI
Sunset Place is a cursed land that was rejected by the Twilight Force, but now it is the home of the cultists.


  • 1: Alienated Herd (373,396,560,514,1.9m) - 3k Elula CoinLaser Bird (Clone Gene), 40k Uranium Ore, 40k Electricity, +5 Friendliness
  • 2: Alienated Herd (557,604,465,373,2.2m) - 4k Elula Coin, 10x Eden Accelerator(30m), 10x Cultivation Accelerator(30m), 40k Gas, +5 Friendliness
  • 3: Alienated Herd (641,583,408,524,2.5m) - 5k Elula CoinRadiation Burst (Clone Gene), 60k Uranium Ore, 60k Electricity, +5 Friendliness
  • 4: Alienated Herd (718,497,663,441,2.8m) - 6k Elula Coin, 8x Cultivation Accelerator(60m), 8x Maintenance Accelerator(60m), 60k Gas, +5 Friendliness
  • 5: Alienated Herd (775,465,671,569,3.1m) - 8k Elula CoinHurricane Eagle (Clone Gene), 10x Eden Accelerator(60m), 5x Eden Accelerator(3h) +5 Friendliness

Note: +5 Friendliness for each defense


Unlike for previous space areas, Tech requires some actions before even the menu is available.


  • Wilderness Hunter, Mammoth
    • 1: 1200 Elula Coin, 6 hours at 100% Efficiency
    • 2: 2400 Elula Coin, 12 hours at 100% Efficiency
    • 3: 3600 Elula Coin, 18 hours at 100% Efficiency



Trade must be done to increase the sector's completion rate. Higher goodwill unlocks more options.


The planet may be mined.

Resources : Eden Goods and Wonder Materials.

Complete Stock: 375k Electricity, 375k Uranium Ore, 375k Gas, 90x High Energy Block I, 420x Alien Metal I, 330x Asbestos Fiber I, 160x Composite Coating I

With efficiency at 100%, complete mineral mining takes 20 days.


Grants resources and unlock special places.

Resources : Elula Coin and Wonder Materials.

Complete Stock: 36k Elula Coin, 110x High Energy Block I, 100x Alien Metal I, 140x Asbestos Fiber I, 250x Composite Coating I

Detail for the Elula Coins: 9.8k Alienation Scale worth 1 Elula Coin/u, 2.36k Armor Block worth 5 Elula Coin/u, 720 Alienation Score worth 20 Elula Coin/u

With efficiency at 100%, complete exploration takes 20 days.


Dusk City[]

Ancient Shelter[]

The shops opens after you have acquired Verdimon. This follows a long quest that includes "stop the fury AI" at the Sunset Place (a 677,740,583,609,3.4m fight).


  • Heart of Twilight -> [Chaotic situation] -> [Promise] -> Dusk City -> [Investigate the cultists] -> Cultist Stronghold -> (cleared) -> Heart of Twilight -> [I find the ciphertext] -> 2x Gas Storage, 500 Competent Cells -> Unlock Twilight Fortress ->  Biological cloning plant -> [Investigate the cultists] -> Heart of Twilight -> [Cultists of the Twilight Fortress] -> [Investigation completed] -> Unlock Holy Mountain Sacrificial Site, gain Elula Wonder Blueprint, 15x Cultivation Accelerator(10m), 2x Uranium Ore Storage Device
  • Holy Mountain Sacrificial Site -> [Investigate] -> Unlock Elula Tech Copy -> Gumball Cultivation -> Cultivate Wilderness Gumball
  • Twilight Fortress -> [Negotiation Skills] -> Goodwill
  • Twilight Fortress -> [Communicate] -> Swordsman Gumball Attack +2, Power +2
  • Twilight Fortress -> [Investigate the cultists] -> Heart of Twilight -> [Cultists of the Twilight Fortress]
  • Biological cloning plant -> [Investigate the cultists] -> [Wipe out cultists] (480,567,655,395,2.4m) -> Hire Thunderjaws and Manufacture Thunderjaw Gene. Manufacture requires: 50k Gas, 50k Electricity, Machalite Ore, Dragon Mosquito Amber, Green Crystal Rough
  • Ancient Shelter -> [Password authentication] -> Heart of Twilight -> [Password of the Ancient Shelter] (60+ Friendliness) -> Password Paper (598720) - > Unlock Ancient Shelter
  • Ancient Shelter -> [Chat] -> [Investigate the reason of fury] -> Demon Tentacle(20x Alien Metal I, 5x High Energy Block I), Demon Neural Network (20x Composite Coating I, 5x Primary Propellant), Demon Spore(20x Asbestos Fiber I, Storm Pearl(Hurricane Eagle upgrade))
  • Ancient Shelter -> [Trouble] -> Heart of Twilight, Dusk City, Twilight Fortress -> Quiet the ritos(riots) -> FOUR FIGHTS BELOW -> [I have fixed the trouble] -> Eden Accelerator(3d), 5x Electricity Storage, Verdimon Airship
    • Heart of Twilight -> Battle (537,698,430,590,2.6m) -> 8x Accelerator(30m), 3x Electricity Storage
    • Dusk City -> Battle (761,684,532,337,2.8m) -> 1.5k Elula Coin, 3x Gas Storage
    • Twilight Fortress -> Battle (494,553,801,432,2.7m) -> Death Roulette robot, 3x Uranium Ore Storage
    • Sunset Place - > Stop Fury AI -> Battle (677,740,583,609,3.4m) -> Weakness Scanner, 100x Wilderness Hunter fragments, 10x Gems -> [AI Import] -> Upgrade BB-7
  • Ancient Shelter -> [I kill Verdimon] -> 6k Elula Coin, 30x Asbestos Fiber I, 30x Alien Metal, 15x High Energy Block I, 30x Composite Coating