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Elixir of Life.png Elixir of Life
Type: Consumable
This rounded mercury pellet is heavy in hand and smells a hint of slight sulfur flavor. In the ancient orient. heavy metals are added in the refining process of potion, in hopes that the user will become immortal.
Use: obtain 100-200 EP at random

Add extra effect according to the skills of Heavenly King Gumball:
"Magic Pagoda Lv.1" Recover HP+30
"Magic Pagoda Lv.2" Recover MP+30
"Magic Pagoda Lv.3" HP+10
"Magic Pagoda Lv.4" MP+10
"Magic Pagoda Lv.5" Upgrade a random attribute

Avalon Fortress Upgrade: Chemistry Knowledge (Neurohormone) provides: Power+1

Chemistry Knowledge (Anabolic Steroids) provides: Attack +1

Source(s): Created by Heavenly King