Elf King's Bow Elf King's Bow
Rank: ✮✮✮✮✮ Type: Relic
This emerald colored crossbow comes from the fallen Silvermoon Elf Kingdom. Its workmanship is nearly perfect: even the pickiest artisans can't point out any bit of flaw. Allegedly. it was forged by the first Great Elven King. Efreet. Arrows fired from it have the power to tear apart the plane. At the same time. it represents sovereign authority and is exclusively passed down between Elven Kings. In the last few hundred years before the fall of the kingdom. Elven Kings were lost in comfort and pleasure and devoted their effort to poetry and artwork. This crossbow was on display inside a crystal closet when the enemy broke into the palace. watching Yggdrasil's destruction in silence.
Attack+1/2/3 Inflicts 10/15/20% extra damage when you attack Undead Automatically shoots an enemy on each floor (The damage dealt is 500% of Gumball's basic attack. Effect halved against BOSS)
City of Steam Upgrade: Mechanics Knowledge (Alloy Saw Web Manufacturing) provides: Attack+3

Mechanics Knowledge (Alex Power Furnace) provides: Power +1 for each enemy killed (only valid in this floor)

Source(s): Upgrade to Great Elf King title after taking Demon Hunter (Title)
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