You gain the elemental ball skill if you have one of the elemental gumballs as part of your team (Air, Dark, Earth, Fire, Light, or Water)

Additional EffectsEdit

Addtional effects are added to the skill depending on which elemental gumballs are currently on your team.  The power of the additional effects increases as you increase the skill level of the corresponding gumball (need to confirm, might only change the base damage level).

Gumball Effect
Air Ignore all Spell Resistances (Skill: 1=30%,

Cause % extra Damage

(Skill: 1=+50%)


Splash % Damage to enemies within 1 square, and flip all slates within the damage area

(lSkill: 5= 50% splash damage)

Fire Add Burning Effect (lasts 2 rounds)
Light Increase Effect on Undead Creatures +% (level 5 skill is +100%)
Water Add Freezing effect (lasts 1 turn)

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