Electro Magnetic Cloak Electromagnetic Protection Cloak
Rank: Variable Type: Cloak
This cloak, fully plugged in circuit elements. comes from the industrial lab of Dhaka Empire. The cloak uses advanced absorptive fibers. which can absorb electromagnetic waves (including high-voltage current, electromagnetic pulse weapons. Gaussian weapons. magical lightning. etc.) from the outside and convert them into their own kinetic energy. providing the one that wears it a strong electromagnetic protection effect.

Damage suffered -1/2/...12%
Power core upgrades:
Decrease boss' electromagnetic field effect by 33/?/?%
When Templar gumball equips, decrease damage by 15/?/?%

Source(s): Help! Blue Shark Officer! event maze

This page is for the old event version of the item. The current version is Electro Magnetic Cloak.

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