Electro Magnetic Cloak Electro Magnetic Cloak
Rank: Variable Type: Cloak
This cloak is lined with electric components, it is a product of Darka Empire's Industrial lab. The cloak uses advanced wave absorbing fibers, which can literally absorb electro magnetic waves that are coming from outside (including high voltage current, EMP weaponry, gauss weaponry, magic lightning, etc.), and convert it into energy and provide its user with energy enhancement effect.
Power +1/2/3.../10/12%

Ignore enemy Spell Resistance +3/6/9../30/35?%
Power core upgrades(Spaceship Ruins):
Power enhanced by 3/6/10%
all damage type spells effect is increased by 10/20/30%

Caution:The 3rd power core upgrade can be applied once the equipment has 9 regular upgrades. However, if you apply the 3rd core upgrade before getting the 10th regular upgrade, that upgrade will no longer be available.

Source(s): Spacecraft Ruins
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