The dungeon "editor" was introduced in the 2.7.1 patch, (see: Version History). The initial release to the global server introduced 4 custom mazes.

Unlike the name would imply, it does not allow the player to actually edit and create their own maze yet. This may be planned at a later point in time.

These custom mazes offer no rewards for completion, though it is expected that the Gamer (gumball) and his related fashion will be linked to the custom maze system at some point in the nearby future.

Leiting Server Rewards (purely for reference)
Icon Reward # Completed
VR Helmet (Gamer Trial Item) 16
Gamer Fragment x90 15
Golden Pot x10 14
Gamer Fragment x90 13
Professional Dress (Gamer Fashion) 12
Gamer Fragment x60 11
Gem x30 10
Gamer Fragment x60 9
Golden Pot x5 8
Gamer Fragment x30 7
Pixel Tank (Robot) 6
Gamer Fragment x30 5
Rhythm Game Guide (Combo Skill) 4
Gamer Fragment x30 3
Gem x5 2
Gamer Gumball 1
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