After each maze you'll have 50 items to repair - this is basically done by a form of research, and gives you rewards such as boosters, gems, pots and materials needed in later research. Once all mazes are done, and the buildings repaired you'll gain access to Eden, and may begin work to unlock Space.

First Maze Set[edit | edit source]

Tactical Hall is unlocked by finishing:

Cultivation Hall is unlocked by finishing:

Second Maze Set[edit | edit source]

Tarmac is unlocked after finishing:

Tech Hall

Third Maze Set[edit | edit source]

Energy Hall is accessible once at least one of the following mazes has been completed and the corresponding broken hall fully repaired:

Broken Halls:

Fourth Maze Set[edit | edit source]

Hall of Overseeing is unlocked by finishing the finishing the corresponding maze and repairs

Eden's Land[edit | edit source]

Once Eden is fully repaired, access to Eden's Land is unlocked. Eden's Land functions like a normal Maze, with 80 DPS quests and two gumballs. Rather than having its own theme, it borrows the themes and features from other mazes.

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